Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Favorites 2014

Hello everyone | Welcome to my March Favorites! Where I tell you about all the things I have been enjoying the past month. In my head this post was going to be much more elaborate and detailed with many items, but I have no clue what happened. I tried to include some new things to share with you guys because I feel like I repeat the same items over and over again. I have tried to include new items, but I still have a habit of including my staples even though I talked about the a million times.

Even though the Spring season has arrived, Northern Ohio still remains as a blizzard zone. Along with bad weather, I experience dry and peeling skin. I have been using this Victoria Secret Ultra-Moisturizing Body and Hand in 'Midnight Mimosa' every night after I take a shower ( when I am not lazy ). I moisturizes my body and smooths away any rough patches. I have never smelled a Mimosa, but to keep it simple it smells like baby powder.

If there is one thing I love about the dark, gloomy winter weather it would be that I can darken up my style. One way is with a dark nail polish. I have been loving 'Lincoln Park After Dark' by O.P.I for a few years now and it has become my favorite. It is a dark plum color made to look black. It is my go to Winter polish.

If you remember back, I did a post on hair oils. I have been getting lazy lately and have not been using oil in my hair, which is totally killing it ;_; I have been using this hair conditioner once a week for the past two months and it has really improved my hair. Which is the Marc Anthony Deep Hydrating Conditioning Treatment. My hair feels smoother, softer, and very light. I do not use it more than once a week because it will make my hair too smooth, yeah...too smooth, and it harder to maintain hairstyles. I your wondering about the ratchet looking bottle the product is in, the product comes in three dollar packets from Ulta that are a bit messy. So I used my wits and transferred it to a bottle.

For scents, I tend to go for fresh scents for Spring time. The Sea Island Cotton by Bath and Body Works has always been a fresh scent favorite. It makes me feel as if I was just at the beach, taking a dip (when in reality I HATE swimming ). At least I can fool everyone with this..hah ^_^

As for the Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara, I did a review for this product here, but in a nutshell it really opens my eyes and volumized my lashes. My newest mascara favorite!

For a random favorite, I have been reading. As surprising as it sounds, its true! I started reading Memoirs of a Geisha a few weeks ago, which I fully bought today. It follows a girl named Chiyo who lives in a small fishing village in Japan. It basically follows her life on becoming a geisha. It is a very easy read, so check it out. I would also like to thank Jenn from Clothesencounters for recommending this book.

That was all for my March favorites! I will be trying to get into a habit of writing these posts every month. I hope you have great rest of the day. Bye-Bye~

Thanks for reading-XOXO
What are your favorites for March 2014?
Any product recommendations? 
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  1. How great is Memoirs of a Geisha! The book is so much better than the movie! I remember reading this years ago and I loved it! I hope you really enjoy it !!
    xo Holly xo

  2. I really like your blog! Following you now, hope you will follow my blog as well ♥

  3. that morrocon treatment sounds so good! <3
    The Frill Seeker

  4. we've been waiting for that falsies mascara to come out in Australia for some time now, and we're still waiting


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