Monday, April 28, 2014

University or Community College?

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Hello everyone | Long time, no talk? Today is not a beauty post, but a talking post geared towards college. I always hated school, not because I hate learning, but because of the tests! Although I hate them, I still study because I want good grades to get into a good university. NOTE: I can't even spell college right!

College is a place where you spend thousands of dollars to get a education and piece a paper to get a job. To be quite honest, I really want to go to a big, well known college because it seems like a good experience. The only problem is the MONEY!!! An in-state college has tuition of 10,000 and a out-of-state has a tuition of 40,000+.  Not to mention that, that to get a full ride scholarship you should be solving algebra at the age of two.

The government literally makes billions and billions of dollars off of kids who just want to get an education. Two of my favorite Youtubers are Jenn Im and Claire Marshall. Jenn went to a community collage for two years before transferring to a UC Davis, which is very  intelligent.  Before I learned that she did this, my told me I should go to a community college and then transfer. Hmm...maybe I should listen to her more. Claire, on the other hand, went to college for two years then dropped out. She now works as a makeup artist and lives fun-filled life with her cat, Bruce (Bru-micester).

When you are senior year, you get called up and some teacher announces that nice graded student is going to community college, and everyone will give you *that look*.

To avoid that, I have come up with a plan:

  1. Get into a super expensive/well-known university
  2. That university will be announced
  3. Drop out of that university as soon as I step foot of the stage

With all-joking aside. I think it is really dumb that colleges charge a huge deal of money for just attending their school. The average family makes less than 100,000 a year. I really want to go to a university like Michigan, Ohio State, or New York: but at the moment community college sounds pretty good.

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  1. I know how you feel about the whole, smart student does community college thing. I'm about to go into high school, and I'm one of the highest achieving students in my grade. The looks I got when I said I would probably be doing Honors instead of The International
    Baccalaureate (have you heard of it?) were very similar to that. I honestly understand.

    ~ Mckenzie <3

    1. I agree^^ Right now my parent's are paying for my brother and sister's college and I really don't want my parents to pay that much for my college, so I am interested in a Community College. Thanks for the comment!

  2. oy...the pressure of college. Unless you're brilliant or have keen business sense, you can't really get a "great' job without a college level education and even then, you need to keep going to a Master's level or specialized field. This may be too generalized but it's about right I think.

    There's definitely a lot of pressure but, sometimes, it's not about where you go but what you do with where you are. The idea of affording a good college can be too great and there's nothing wrong community college. Sometimes, it's great to get the GE's out of the way there and then "pay" for the rest of the specialized major field education at the appropriate college. Life is what you make it after all. =)


    1. Its a lot of pressure that it makes me want to strangle the college education board (if it even exists). Thanks for the comment ^_^

  3. Yes going to community college first and doing two years of electives and liberal arts classes and paying less for these classes and then to transfer to a more expensive university to take the upper classes in your major is a smart way to save money.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  4. I get you completely! It's crazy how much college costs nowadays. The government wants more people to become more educated, yet they're making the prices to receive higher education beyond what's affordable to the average family. Geesh!

    I've heard of people doing community college, and then transferring into a university for however remaining years they have left. I say that's a brilliant way to save money! That is not something I am necessarily interested in doing that because I kind of want to get the whole four year, big university experience. Get me? In the long run, it's wherever the money is for me, though. :) To each their own, though. Community college is not bad. :)

    If you come to Michigan, where would you like to go? {Go Blue! ;) haha}

    1. I want to have the 4 year college experience too, but I don't want to pay! I want to go to the University of Michigan ^_^ Thanks for the comment Shaun!

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  6. Such a great post.i recently graduated from university and am happy am done wirh all the tests.
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  7. It's true that college tuition is really expensive and it's not getting cheaper. I have heard about people attending community college and then finishing off their degree at the college of their choice to try to save some $

    Thanks for you nice comment and follow! I'm following you back now :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. The Comunity College sounds good, but I think that depends of each people.

  9. I don't know this university ;)
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  10. I'm not from the US so there's a little less pressure when it comes to getting into the "best" universities and I think the fee system is different too.
    What I can say, though, is that you should just work hard, do your best, and do what's right for you. Whatever makes you happiest is always the best choice, who cares what anyone else thinks :)

  11. Both are good, im 1 year away to graduating community college and i love it there although its small but you really can learn from there. University i think is good too but it costs too much. I studied in a university for 1 year then i continue in community college because its just way too expensive.

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    1. That is good continuing your educations ^_^

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  14. I`ve currently just finished my first year at Community College and it has been the best experience of my life, I love it because it allows me to be more hands on with my teachers and other classmates and I also find it allows me to be more open and experiment with new ideas.

    Krystal || Little Beauty Bug <3 & Little Beauty Bug on Tumblr

  15. My advice hun, speaking from a financial point (I don't know your situation) but I would do the first two years at a community college, get all your pre-reqs out of the way. Before you transfer to a university, check out there transfer requirements. I'm sure you can check it out on there website, but make sure the classes you are taking, the university excepts those credits. I would hate for you to spend time & money and a case they do not except and you have to retake it, that's no fun and a big waste of your time & money. Which ever you choice to do, I'm sure will be the best for you. This is my suggestion. Good Luck Doll, and keep us posted.

  16. I think there's plenty to be gained from going to a university. I've been sent athletic recruitment forms recently and I think if you look carefully, there are so many ways to qualify for extra aid. A lot of the big universities, if they want you badly enough, redeem your loans for you so that you can attend debt-free. Or if you're in-state, you're probably guaranteed a place if your SAT scores are up to par. Either way, don't write off university.


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