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Review & Giveaway | India Circus Spectacle Case and Scarf

Hello Everyone | Welcome back to my blog, if you are new, welcome to my blog. About a month ago I got contacted by a brand called India Circus and they were wondering if I could do a review of there goods and were even nice enough to even sponsor a giveaway! Since I have some Indian roots I was very curious about some of there products and let me just say there are very lovely. So if you are into hipster/tribal/Indian type of prints then I highly suggest you visit this shop.

There theme for the products are basically a modern twist on Indian/Tribal prints. They have a lot of items you can choose from, but a downside is that they are quite expensive. They offer free shipping at the moment and send packages to all countries. India Circus ships guessed it...India! It took a few weeks to get the packages, but they came wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure safety. Now going on to the individual product reviews.

Jade Stole Scarf // I was very confused about this scarf when I first got because it looked very bizarre (get it?). Then I became in love with it because how unique it was. It is definitely a step up from a normal scarf because of the design ^_^

Tribal Glasses Case // I think this is great because when you have glasses cases they tend to be very bulky. I really like this for school or when I am going out with a small purse. It is a padded soft case, so glasses should be protected, unless your burn the case: glasses will be fine ^_^ Sadly, India Circus does not have this case available, but they do have others.

Overall // I really like this company because of their products are so colorful and fun. If you are desi and want to buy something your mom, definitely check out this website. They have so much stuff to choose from, not limited to just clothing/accessories. I really want to buy a mug for my morning coffee and a new cell phone case!

Giveaway // India Circus were kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for you guys. You have the chance to win either a lovely business card / credit card holder or a utility pouch from India Circus. Two winners will be selected to win one out of the two prizes above.

You must use Rafflecopter to enter the giveaway. *Remember* Rafflecopter only records your entries, but you have to manually follow the different social media sites.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am honestly very sorry for being gone for so looonnngg! My mom hid my laptop, but I managed to find it and take it back without her knowing >:) Anyways, I am looking for anyone who would like to swap blog banners with me for two months? I have a limited number of spaces, so email if interested ^_^ Also, I am becoming more present on twitter, so follow me:)

Thanks for reading-XOXO

What Mac products do you want?


  1. If only i was around to get your give aways
    Keep in touch dear.

  2. Wow just came across your blog and I must say I love it :) the design if amazing and It's a great read :)

    I have just uploaded a new post would mean a lot if you was to comment me what you think

    keep up the fanatic work :)

    keep in touch



  3. I've been loving Big Brother this Summer! :)
    I'd love to win the utility pouch!

  4. All comments are right now being uploaded from blogger to disqus...don't fret if your wrote a comment and it is not here because it will show up by tomorrow.

  5. The material looks so soft! I actually really like that sort of tribal print pattern~

    Love, Aimee

    My Blog | Recent Blog Post - f(x) Red Light Luna Inspired Tutorial

  6. PS: My favorite TV show right now is Teen Wolf >.< And I'd love to try out the Utility Pouch :)

  7. Thank you for entering ^_^ I love Dylan O'Brien

  8. I will definitely check this show out ^_^

  9. Amazing blog post :) had a great read :)

    I have just uploaded a new blog post would mean a lot if you was to check it out

    have a nice day


  10. Hmm...I think my favorite movie would have to be Fireproof if I want something romantic or National Treasure if I want something intense/suspenseful. :-) I would LOVE to win the free ad space on your blog. :-) Thanks!

  11. My favourite movie has got to be Monte Carlo OR The Fault In Our Stars, although I do believe that books are better than films.
    I would love to win a utility pouch as I feel I would use this lots!
    Paige x

  12. Hey ! m Srishti and my favorite show was F.R.I.E.N.D.S :) And my favorite movie is Xmen rise of the future past <3 :)
    I would love to own the utility pouch as it has cool Indian tribal prints that makes it look funkier ..! ty! fingerscrossed :D

  13. Hey Dear! Such a Beautiful and Quirky Giveaway !

    My Favorite show is : F.R.I.E.N.D.S <3 Ah !!! No one can beat that. Love each and every character and watch atleast one episode every single day :P
    Apart from that I love GOT : Game of Thrones ! yay !!

    I would love to win that Utility Pouch cause its like me : Colorful, witty and yes Quirky ! It would be PERFECT for a Makeup-Junkie like me :D

    Thank you for the Giveaway ! Wish me luck :D
    Followed all the steps :) #yay !!!! Fingers Crossed ! <3

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