Friday, August 22, 2014


Hello Everyone | I hope you are all doing fine. If you started school, I hope you made it through okay ^_^ Before school started I was playing around with my makeup to see which look gave me the most natural look to make that 'first impression'. I had bought two new complexion items that are fairly new to the market, but they did not make my skin look nice. More of that in another post! 

After returning to my foundation stash, I re-discovered my Lancome Teint Miracle. This honestly is an all-time favorite in my entire makeup collection. It is because of the unique, build-able complexion it gives me. It is true to it's lit-from-within formula. It looks very natural, but gives my skin a natural radiance that gives me that model glow. It is so popular that I included in my past seasonal edit posts here and here! I have dehydrated skin, which means my skin will drink the water in my foundation making it patchy throughout the day, but I have been drinking a lot of water to fix that. I still get it with any foundation, but this foundation lasts the longest. I have it in the color Bisque 6 (W) and it retails as a high-end foundation around $45 dollars.

Overall, I think this foundation is great if you are interested in a radiant foundation. I think the L'Oreal Magic Lumi is a dupe of this, but I have never tried it, so I can't confirm. 

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Thanks for reading-XOXO

 How did you wear your makeup to school?
Have tried this foundation?
Any natural foundation you can recommend?


  1. Looks good, I haven't tried this product but lancome has been a reliable brand for me over the years, in fact I was just testing new polishes!

  2. LOVE your blog design! x

  3. Lancome is one of my favorite high-end brands, thanks to Michelle Phan ^_^

  4. Definitely worth the money because of the quality (in some cases) ^_^


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