Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn Fashion Staples | #TeenBlogSeries

Hello Everybody | It is good to be back blogging again. Today is week six of the #TeenBlogSeries created by Beth and Anouska.  I missed last week's post because I was busy focusing on school and, as always, school comes first (pukes a little). I pieced a few things together to show what items I will be using later in the Fall season because it is still like in the seventies where I live. 

The North Face Denali // $100 //  I have had this specific jacket since I was in sixth grade and now I am in eleventh. When I got the jacket, it was an extra large and went to my knees ( I did not complain ). Now, I really grew into it and it hits just below my bottom. It does not keep me 100% warm, but its cute and fuzzy, so I can't complain.

Tartan Scarf // $5.00 // Charlotte Russe // Nothing brings Fall and Winter to life than the color red. Not just any red, but the red tucked into the beautiful design of the Tartan print. This scarf is not exception, its huge, thick, and of course cozy! A recent purchase, something I have been wanting for a while.

Finger-less Gloves // Julep Maven // I think Fall is the perfect time to wear finger-less gloves because they are not as heavy as full gloves, but they still add some extra warmth ^.^

Printed Ankle Length Socks // $12.95 for a pair of six // H+M // An all time favorite that I wear all  year around. I just think they are so fun, especially when your wearing pants and the socks peaks through. Definitely adds some fun to an outfit.

Brown Leather Purse with Gold Hardware // F21 // I do not know the price of this purse, but it is definitely perfect for the Fall time in my opinion. I always use cross-body purses because they are less hassle and keep your hands free. I got this as a gift from my friends on my birthday and I was waiting till Fall to bust it out, now is my chance.

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Fall Greetings ^_^

Thanks for reading-XOXO

What are your Autumn staples?



  1. tartan is definitely my essential for autumn winter!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE ♡

  2. Your tartan scarf is so lovely. And you have the most beautiful skin tone ever!

    Cristielle ☾•*


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