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Here at Townhouse Palette, I do product reviews. If a company sends me their products for review, I like to be positive. That means only debuting products that I think my readers will benefit from. If I am sent a product I do not like, I will give constructive criticism to the company on how to make the product better and, hopefully, I will be sent the new and improved product to show my readers. 

I recognize different skin types/eye shapes/face shapes/etc. So, if the product does not work out, it may work out for someone else. I will recommend the product to the people who I think will get the most benefit from it.

I also recommend shops based on not only selection of products, but also customer service, shipping, and all over quality. 

Right now product reviews are free, but with the ever-so escalating demand for reviews, I will be charging for reviews in the future.

If interested, email me at:

This is a PR friendly blog ^_^ I am going to be honest and say I have never worked with PR before, so maybe you can show me the ropes.

If interested, email me at:

(8/17/14) I do get sponsored items to review, and later on in my blogging career will be charging for a product review ( got to pay for college! ).

Any item sent to me to review will be written directly in a post. No magic symbols or indirect nonsense.

I try my best to deliver honest reviews, whether good or bad. If anything is bad, I will give companies constructive criticism to make their products better! That means, if you send me a product and I do not like it, I will not debut it on my blog. Instead, again, I will give constructive criticism to make your product better.

I will always give credit to rightful owners! I am a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due. So, if you see something that may belong to someone else on the blog, email me! ^_^

If interested, email me at:




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