Saturday, October 25, 2014

Changing Leaves, Changing Hearts

I was thinking very hard about what my hook or introduction should be to present my announcement. Now, I realized that you all have lives (so why are you reading my blog?) and will be much more satisfied if I just cut to the chase.Up and til now, I was very convinced that I was going to major in business, communications to be exact, but I realized that I do not want to study that anymore.

It was only because I took a class on Economics this year and it is complicated. I am not quitting because the class is hard, but more of I have lost my interest in running a business. I have always been a leader type of person, who is able to take charge in drastic situations, but as I have gotten older I am starting to go-with-the-flow of life. I only did business because I did not want to do medicine or law. I have nothing against the two majors and I am not lazy to the point I am not wiling to put in the extra work to get the degree; more of that I am itching to do something artistic, something creative, something visionary.

Then it hit me..I was doing my passion all along. Writing. I have always been a writer in my heart. The joy and imagination that comes with writing literature. Using words to envision people, places, and times. Though pictures are worth a thousand words, words cultivate the real essence of picture than just looking at the picture will do.

Like, c'mon, I have blogging for the past *almost* three years. Watching myself grow up through my own piece of the internet is absolutely amazing. Virtually meeting so many people, using words to put a smile on someone's face is a great gift.

For the longest time, blogging used to be a source of getting money to pay for college, a car, etc. Now I am rooted in the idea of blogging as being a place to express yourself when no one cares or will listen. I am finally getting the essence of blogging as being a place to let go of past endeavors (trying to expand my vocab) and talk about things that people might care about. It is a case of using creativity and imagination.

To not bore all of you guys to death, but I thinking of majoring in journalism or creative writing (shout out to my bestie, Reem, who is also studying writing). Just writing this entire post to tell you about my life changing decision. I say life changing because I just found myself a little. It feels wonderful!

Thanks for reading-XOXO

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