Monday, November 3, 2014

Harvest Festival

I never understood the fun of a farm until recently when my sister and I ventured out to retrieve some warm apple cider. Yes we traveled more than thirty minutes just to get warm apple cider. I was thinking this place would be a place with screaming children and parents fighting over pumpkins, but I was presently surprised...

It was really pretty and very relaxing even with the tens of people running around chasing after their kids. The place was bustling with so much people that the farm actually rented out land across the street for parking. There was police officers there to direct traffic and we parked on some very muddy land. 

First, we headed to the back where to see all the beautiful foliage and take in the landscape. We took a few pictures and then headed to the gift shop/bakery. We took the time to buy some maple donuts, warm apple cider, a jug of apple cider, and a cannoli ^_^ ( I have to say they all were very delicious ). When then went to the harvest festival and checked it out: there was a playground, the wall of fall vegetables, and a few stands that literally sold all the same thing. We also tried some funnel fries which were nasty. There was also a separate corn maze with pumpkin picking, but in order to do that you had to pay some cash. After that fiasco, we returned to fields to see the sunset and snap some additional photos. It was chilly, but so mesmerizing! It felt like I was transported to the countryside of Paris which I have only seen in movies.

Overall, I never really thought about going to a farm ever in my life. I really enjoyed it! I think it was definitely something different because I am a total homebody who loves to sit in her room all day. I would highly suggest you visit your nearest farm during the Fall season to complete your Autumn festivities.

Thanks for reading-XOXO

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