Monday, November 17, 2014

Manicure Monday and Other News

Happy Monday everyone! I have been really loving my new blogging schedule lately which is posting on Monday and Thursday! To get straight to the point, I have not done my nails for months which has caused me to return to my old habit of biting my nails from stress.

 So my nail shape is out of whack! I always stop biting my nails when I apply a pretty coat of polish that I feel is not worth ruining. I really don't like the formula of Julep Nail Colors because (haha, you thought I was going to say why, wait for the review). I really like a lot of their colors and this one called is not exception. It is called Aisha and is a deep plum-red or ruby red. Definitely a sweet goodbye to Fall with it's dark and jewel-toned color.

In other spectacular news, if you follow my SNS (social media) you would probably know...drum roll.... TOWNHOUSE PALETTE REACHED 1,000,000+ PAGE VIEWS!!! I was tried to make a thank you video, but I felt like a noob because I just talked and looked weird. I would just like the time to thank all the people for stopping by T.P, weather you stumbled on here today or have made a dent in my comment section, it really means a lot. Not because it is required for me to say thank you, but because people like something I do. For someone who is not good at anything in particular and is kind of ok looking. I really hold my blog dear to my heart because it expresses my creativity and feelings unlike school/home where I can only show a part of me. I always have my guard up and it is nice to let it down sometimes. So a huge humble thank you ^_^ 

I also got my temporary license to learn how to drive. All I can say is that I stopped myself from rolling down a hill, good start!

Thanks for reading-XOXO

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