Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Growing Heart.

On 12/27/11 I posted my first ever blog post, which was my About Me page. Thinking about it, I feel as if 2011 was yesterday. You know what I was doing in 2011? Conquering the 8th grade! You know what I am doing now? Trying get through my junior year of high school.....

It is crazy to think that I started and kept up this blog for three years. Seriously, I have never stayed with any hobbies for a continuous period of time. I love painting, but I only do it continuously for a month and then stop for five months. For me, nothing really brings me more joy than blogging. I love to spend hours on hours of just editing blog designs, reading posts, and overall: discovering new ways to make my blog better. 

To be honest, I would still be an obsessive blog designer and makeup enthusiast if no one read my blog because I think it is just so much fun. However, having the 1,114 followers (bloglovin' and gfc: that is right, I did the math!) and the comments on my posts really make me love blogging.

I love when people comment with either a simple "nice post!" or a long passage because it gives me a sense that people care for what I write, even though I write as if I am in the 6th grade. I look forward to all the comments on a post, especially when we connect with each other. I do my best to read every single comment, reply to it, and visit/follow/comment on your blog (if you leave a link!). 

I know if I share this the business aspect of my blog will decrease, but I am going to anyway because I want to keep it somewhat real with you guys. This month my blog's monthly page-views have been cut in half. I had about 171K in the previous month and now I have 81K this month. Honestly, I was pretty sad because I feel as if everything was kind-of plummeting for me in a way. Now, I am moving on. 

There are bloggers who started later than me who have thousands of followers, who get bloglovin' likes, but don't reply to any of their comments. There are bloggers to me who don't seem approachable and I feel like I have done something wrong if I write them an email. I want you to know you can talk to me! I am on the computer 24/7, so come talk to me. Hit me up on twitter, if you want more privacy, tumblr. Tell me what you had for breakfast, you favorite movie, your grandpa's name, ask me for blogging advice, ask me for design advice, ask me for product advice, etc:)

This New Years I want to make a promise to become a better blogger and provide better grammar, better photos, and a better quality blogger! 

My blog and me have grown so much these past three years. Thank you for visiting Townhouse Palette and I hope to see you again in 2015.

Happy New Years! Here is to a new you ^_^

P.S - Sorry if this was not good.  I just ate like 12 pounds of Taco Bell and it is 1:23 AM in the morning.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Cat Pout

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Christmas. Today I will be talking about the Balala Cats Wink Nutritious Lip Gloss from the Born Pretty Store in shades #07 and #12. First, ten out of ten for the super cute packaging. This packaging is supposed to be a knockoff of the Tony Moly Cat Wink Lip Gloss, but the only thing that is different is the color of the cap. The Tony Moly one has a baby pink cap, while this one has a black cap.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Leaders AC Clear | Before and After

Long time, no see! About a few weeks ago, I was contacted by a skincare company called Leaders and was asked to do a review on some of their products . Leaders is a Korean skincare shop created by highly-trained dermatologists from Seoul National University (one of the world's top universities!). They create high-end skincare products like serums, moisturizers, but are known for their sheet masks. I wanted to do a separate review on each mask, so I could really go in-depth on whether or not each mask helped my skin for it's distinct purpose.


Monday, December 8, 2014


About a few weeks ago I was contacted by the Born Pretty Store asking me to do a product review. I was able to pick two items: a lip gloss (post up later this week) and these Yorom 2 in 1 Crystal Bright Lipstick and Eyeshadow Pencils.  They retail for $1.29 and come in a whooping twenty colors. 


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Earning Your Wings

Applying winged eyeliner has to be one of the hardest makeup techniques known to man. Some people can apply eyeliner in one swipe, while others have to dedicate more than five minutes to achieve their perfect cat-eye. No matter the situation, I will be giving you # tips to achieve fool-proof wings.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Never Forget.

Today is not a beauty or fashion post, but just something that I need to get off my chest. I wrote this post earlier, but my head was going crazy making the post an absolute mess >.<

If you do not live in the US or have not been updated on the new about Mike Brown and Officer Darren Wilson, click here because it will take forever to explain. Recently, 12 year-old Tamir Rice was killed by cops and if you want to hear more about that story click here.

I did not feel like writing about anything else because this is something that is very unsettling in the US. Many people, including me, are very upset to see how a young boy and young man were treated by police. The Tamir Rice story is still unfolding, but the Mike Brown case has been going on since August.

The whole idea around the Mike Brown case is basically the system vs the people. The government is meeting their match because now, everyone speaking out against Darren Wilson, who literally retired from all the cash (500k +) he got from donations. He literally got paid for killing someone. Which makes me disappointed in society.

The whole case was unfair the minute when Darren Wilson shot Mike Brown six times to the second when CSI did not take photos of the body.  I think the jurors made the wrong decision by not indicting Darren Wilson and letting him go easily. I think police are way in over their heads when they started throwing tear gas at civilians. I don't think it was right for people to destroy property and businesses, but that not make it ok for police to use lethal force on civilians.

In my opinion, Darren Wilson is a coward who hid behind his gun. They were both very big people and I think Darren Wilson should of been trained to handle hand-to-hand combat with weaponless Mike Brown. You really don't have to agree with me, it is just my opinion.

The whole idea of this post is to say don't let Mike, Tamir, Trayvon, and countless others die as trampled flowers. The system is messed up and others, including me, want to change that.  Keep your voice strong and don't let other people scare you into changing your opinion because there are thousands of people world wide willing to back you up. 

Thanks for reading - XOXO
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