Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Growing Heart.

On 12/27/11 I posted my first ever blog post, which was my About Me page. Thinking about it, I feel as if 2011 was yesterday. You know what I was doing in 2011? Conquering the 8th grade! You know what I am doing now? Trying get through my junior year of high school.....

It is crazy to think that I started and kept up this blog for three years. Seriously, I have never stayed with any hobbies for a continuous period of time. I love painting, but I only do it continuously for a month and then stop for five months. For me, nothing really brings me more joy than blogging. I love to spend hours on hours of just editing blog designs, reading posts, and overall: discovering new ways to make my blog better. 

To be honest, I would still be an obsessive blog designer and makeup enthusiast if no one read my blog because I think it is just so much fun. However, having the 1,114 followers (bloglovin' and gfc: that is right, I did the math!) and the comments on my posts really make me love blogging.

I love when people comment with either a simple "nice post!" or a long passage because it gives me a sense that people care for what I write, even though I write as if I am in the 6th grade. I look forward to all the comments on a post, especially when we connect with each other. I do my best to read every single comment, reply to it, and visit/follow/comment on your blog (if you leave a link!). 

I know if I share this the business aspect of my blog will decrease, but I am going to anyway because I want to keep it somewhat real with you guys. This month my blog's monthly page-views have been cut in half. I had about 171K in the previous month and now I have 81K this month. Honestly, I was pretty sad because I feel as if everything was kind-of plummeting for me in a way. Now, I am moving on. 

There are bloggers who started later than me who have thousands of followers, who get bloglovin' likes, but don't reply to any of their comments. There are bloggers to me who don't seem approachable and I feel like I have done something wrong if I write them an email. I want you to know you can talk to me! I am on the computer 24/7, so come talk to me. Hit me up on twitter, if you want more privacy, tumblr. Tell me what you had for breakfast, you favorite movie, your grandpa's name, ask me for blogging advice, ask me for design advice, ask me for product advice, etc:)

This New Years I want to make a promise to become a better blogger and provide better grammar, better photos, and a better quality blogger! 

My blog and me have grown so much these past three years. Thank you for visiting Townhouse Palette and I hope to see you again in 2015.

Happy New Years! Here is to a new you ^_^

P.S - Sorry if this was not good.  I just ate like 12 pounds of Taco Bell and it is 1:23 AM in the morning.

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