Monday, December 8, 2014


About a few weeks ago I was contacted by the Born Pretty Store asking me to do a product review. I was able to pick two items: a lip gloss (post up later this week) and these Yorom 2 in 1 Crystal Bright Lipstick and Eyeshadow Pencils.  They retail for $1.29 and come in a whooping twenty colors. 

Packaging-wise I knew this product was going to be made out of a cheap plastic because of the price. It is a typical jumbo eyeshadow packaging with a twist bottom to push the product up or pull the bottom down. 

When I got my package, one of my pencils (the silver one to be exact) was broken. The product was detached from the tube and kept slipping out. I emailed the kind people of Born Pretty and they were willing to send me a replacement, as long as I sent a picture of the broken product. I was really not interested in making then send me a replacement because they were already kind enough to send me these products. So if you item breaks, you can get a replacement. :)

Like I said before, this product has a wide range of colors. The colors I choose were #04 which was a deep bronze; #02 which is a shimmery silver; and #14 which is a nice, deep galactic purple. All the colors are shimmery, which makes them even more glamorous.

If the color was applied on it's own without blending it comes out very pigmented, but  if it is blended the color will fade leaving a faint wash of color. If you want a blended, pigmented color: the pencil has to be re-applied probably until you burn your eyelid for the constant rubbing. Other than that the pencils has a very smooth and creamy application, but the silver is not as creamy as the other because of chunky silver sparkles. Even with that, it still is smooth.

I consider this product a love or hate because of the blending/pigmentation problem, so if you are looking for a really pigmented and blendable pencil this may not be for you. In my opinion, this is a great product because of the faint color. I really love to use this to add a hint of color and sparkle to my eyes. It really gives off that Korean/Japanese cutesy, aegyo vibe to my eyes making them look put together, but not too overdone. This is also really nice to add a pop of color to the lash-line area because the glitters and pencil will attach to the lashes, reflecting beautifully in the light, as seen above.

Regarding the picture, I smudged all the pencils over eyelid, cheek bone, and brow bone to make sure you could see the color. That is why it looking very strange (ok, I was trying to be artistic).

Overall, I would honestly repurchase more of these pencils because they are really nice for a faint wash of color and sparkle.

If you are interested, Born Pretty Store was very kind to give me a coupon code of RZH10 of 10% off at checkout. They have really nice items for very affordable prices, so I would recommend checking out their items. Especially their nail items!! It's a nail fanatic heaven!

Thanks for reading-XOXO

What do you think of these pencils?
Have any writing advice for me?

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