Friday, January 2, 2015

Leaders Aquaringer

A few weeks I posted a review of the Leaders AC Clear mask, which you can read here. Along with the review: I included how I used the mask and the leftover serum, along with information on the company. Today, I will be reviewing another mask they sent me, which is the Aquaringer mask. I had some before and after photos I had taken for this post, but they have seem to have disappeared  >.< Thank goodness I did not use the other masks yet.

Just like the AC Clear, Aquaringer did what it promised! First, it made my skin very moisturized, supple, and it gave it that healthy look. I did not think that my skin needed the serum/mask until I noticed how rough my skin looked a few days after finishing off the extra serum. It was a really nice to use, now that it is Winter and everyone's skin is looking like the dried Sahara dessert. I would definitely repurchase it if I had the money, but I am broke. :(

I am going to try to find the photos and update this post in the near future because the results are very pleasing:) 

This mask sells for $34.90 per box (10 masks) and sells for $3.49 (1 mask) on the Leaders Cosmetic Shop website. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has suffering skin because of the cold Winter.

Thanks for reading-XOXO
What are your favorite sheet masks?

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