Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Balancing Blogging and School

After blogging for three consecutive years while avoiding juggling the responsibilities of a middle/high school student, I think I can give a few tips regarding on how to balance the two. Also, this is a collaboration post with one of the wonderful bloggers I am sponsoring this month, Maddy. Maddy is the writer of the ever-so wonderful blog Unstitchedd. If you are not already following her, please do because you will not be disappointed!

Start Studying in Advance // I am taking an AP course this year (which I absolutely hate!) and it requires a ton of studying because the curriculum is difficult. I like to do heavy studying a few days before the test to ensure I know most of the information and do some nice reviewing the night before. It is very helpful, especially when you are juggling after school activities.

School Comes First // As much as I hate giving any priority to school, it has to be done. School is most likely going to help you in the long run when it comes to choosing universities and scholarships. It is not like blogging won't help you, however school is what is really important.

Write all posts on the Weekend // This is one of my life saving tips. I like to write, photograph, and edit most of my posts for the week via weekend. Then that way I have to do is slight touch ups before the post goes live. (Unlike right now, when I am writing this post at 10:29 PM)(I am weak...okay).

Schedule Your Posts // Every Monday and Thursday at 12:00 am. Simple and easy ^_^

Keep a Free-day // Either Sunday or Saturday, where you can just chill and so not have to do any heavy lifting with school or blogging.  I am a blog-alcoholic (get it?), so I will work on my blog on my free day, but it is very minimal. It helps to clear your head and prepare you for the torture of the school week.

Anxiety..Anxiety // I always feel a shiver down my spine when I hear these words because it something I deal with on a regular basis. My anxiety is usually fulled by frustration or fear of failure. Very common topics among students. I always get overwhelmed when I think everything at once.

So for blogging, I like to create a little checklist of different things I can do to promote my blog during the week. Like Monday do a ten minute check on Twitter, make Tuesday to visit Pinterest. Keep tasks small and maybe make them bigger over time. I feel this topic needs another post~

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and helped you in any sort of way. If you have not already, please visit Maddy's blog because you won't be disappointed. ^_^

Thanks for reading-XOXO

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Any Tips? 

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