Thursday, February 26, 2015

Korean Makeup Trends

(Top left to top right) Krystal Jung, Jessica Jung (QUEEN), and Tiffany Hwang. (Bottom left to bottom left) Choi Sulli, Im Yoona, and Bae Suzy [yes her name is bae].

Asian makeup trends tend to be my favorite because it tends to complement my face better than the American makeup trends. American trends being contour; big lips; and huge, thick lashes. Each country has their own trends, but today I would like to display the Korean makeup trends.

Before I get started I would like to say that the normal makeup trends in Korea is a bit different from K-Pop style in a few different ways. If you would like, I could do a post on it soon. Another thing is I am not Korean nor do I live in Korea, this is just me appreciating and sharing some key makeup points in Korean makeup styles.

Natural Circle Lenses // A lot of people tend to wear natural looking brown or a black contacts. I am pretty sure they are all prescription contact lenses because they are worn on a regular basis. These lenses are rim-less, so there is no black edges, just one opaque color.

Straight Eyebrows // Pretty self-explanatory. In all these pictures above, these lovely ladies are rocking straight brows. They are also not very strong and match the color of their hair.

Dewy Skin // All of the photos are showing matte skin EXCEPT the top row, middle picture (Jessica Jung). A really prominent trend in Korean makeup is the dewy skin. Which gives off a more youth-full look. A lot of BB Creams in Korea are of a very dewy finish and give off almost an oily look.

Downward Eyeliner // In this trend, a lot people tend to apply their eyeliner along their eye and have a wing that extends straight out. It works well with the typical eastern Asian eyelid because it enhances the the eye-smile.

Aegyo Sal // Means 'baby fat' in Korean, I think. It refers to highlighting the skin/fat right underneath the eyes. IT IS NOT DARK CIRCLES! A lot of people get this confused, but if you look at the pictures above you can see ^_^

Defined Eyelashes // Eyelashes are very defined, not very voluminous, and thick. It has a very clean finish and look.

Glossy Lips // Glossy lips is pretty common and I really like the color Krystal (top left corner) is wearing. Super cute ^_^

Lip Gradients // Super popular, but none of the pictures seem to have an example >.<  I have included one below to see an exact example. It gives off the the illusion of cuter lips ^_^

Tiffany is rocking the downward eyeliner, defined eyelashes, and circle lenses.
Lip Gradient

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I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have ever written a post or filmed a video with Korean makeup or Korean makeup trends, post it below! I would love to watch and read it! Tell me country you would like me to do next in the comments. If you don't want me to do this kind of post anymore,, I do not know what my reaction would be...

Thanks for reading-XOXO

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