Friday, February 20, 2015

Only Wish.

Surprise! Welcome to my Friday post. I usually upload on Monday and Thursday, but this week I uploaded a post on Wednesday to post another one on Friday. Pretty clever ^_^ Anyways, if you do not already know, today is my birthday! I am officially turning seventeen years old!

Every year I get a lot of warm wishes from everyone regarding my birthday. Actually my birthday is right on Chinese New Year this year. So, if you celebrate Chinese New Year, Happy Year of the Goat! 

I had no school on Thursday and today, so I am just going to to watch a bunch of movies and entertain myself. Then later tonight I am going to Red Lobster with my family and am going to order a three course meal. Yeah, you heard me, an actual three course meal! Then tomorrow a few of my friends are coming for a *low-key* gathering at my house where we will get pizza and watch movies. Then on Sunday my sister and I are going to a mall that is a little far away to indulge at the MAC Counter and Sephora.

A big thank you to Maddy and Andrea for letting me advertise on their blog this past month. If you are looking for some place to start sponsoring/advertising on, then I highly recommend them because they have low prices and friendly ^.^  I am also looking for other blogs to advertise on this month, maybe you can leave me some recommendations in the comments?

You probably are wondering what my wish is, but I am keeping it a secret or else it won't come true ;) HAHA [False Advertising].

Anyways have a good weekend ^_^

Thanks for reading-XOXO

p.s - I have a little poll going on in the sidebar, so if can spare twenty seconds and vote, it be be awesome!

What movies should we watch? 

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