Thursday, February 5, 2015

Something All YouTubers Should Stop Doing.

Pinterest is such a great place to get inspiration for many things from makeup, room decors, and DIYs. I am never one to say my opinion about anyone, but I really want to bring some light to this issue regarding Pinterest. 

I was recently watching a video by someone I truly love and this person was doing Valentines gift ideas. The gifts were really cute and creative, but in the video this person mentioned their ideas was from Pinterest. 

It really bothers me when YouTubers will go on Pinterest and *take* (light word usage) ideas from it because those ideas were originally posted by someone else. A lot of YouTubers think that it okay to just go on Pinterest and try to take it as it's own, giving no credit to the original source. That is like plagiarizing someones paper or taking someone's one million dollar idea.

One time I was watching a video where a person compiled a list of gift ideas primarily from Pinterest, giving no credit AT ALL to all the sources the gifts were from. I asked in the nicest way possible to give credit to the source. They commented back saying okay, however put the link at the very bottom of the description box with no commentary of what the link is. I later found out that the entire compiled list was from ONE POST written by someone else. They literally regurgitated everything from someone's post in a video. Which to me is not okay.

Pinterest is a platform to share ideas and get inspired, not to take ideas and pass them as your own. I think it is okay to use some ideas from Pinterest in your video, but please give credit to the original source directly, like saying in the video!

If you are a YouTuber yourself, then it is ok! Just give credit, that is all I am asking ^_^

I ask my fellow readers and video watchers to comment on videos who do not give proper credit to sources to give credit where credit is due. That is all!

Thanks for reading-XOXO

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What is your opinion? 

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