Saturday, March 28, 2015

5 Ways I Want To Improve Townhouse Palette

I am feeling a bit stressed right now, so I am coming to my favorite place to relax and let go : blogging ^_^ I decided to share some goals or ways I want to improve my blog. I though I would talk about this because I really want to start a discussion in the comments on just blogging in general. If you have any questions or suggestions on blog designs, posts, etc. I, and Anyone, would love to answer your questions, suggestions, and maybe rants!

New Responsive Blog Design // I really want to invest in a new blog design to be quite honest. I love blog designing and if you have been here you would have seen the thirty-plus blog designs I have implemented on this site. 

One thing I really want the blog design to be is 'responsive' which means it changes to fit the format of any device (like iPad, phone, etc). Another thing is that I really want it to really represent T.P, but strangely I don't know what really represents T.P. Hmm.. I guess I am still trying to find myself and my blog If you know any affordable and nice blog designers, hit me up!

Interact With My Readers More! // One the most wonderful things I get to do as a blogger is talk to you guys ^_^ I really want to have more conversations through Facebook and Twitter. Not just 'hey, how r ya?' conversations., more actual conversations. Like your favorite color, favorite show, and what you had for breakfast:D Lol, all I am trying to say is I want to talk and get to know you more.

Reach Over One Thousand Bloglovin' Followers // This is more of a goal, but the only way I can reach that is providing content that people want to read and are willing to follow my blog for. So I will do my best ^_^

Become a Better Writer // I think this is mandatory for me to do! My writing is okay, but when I attend college I really want to expand my vocabulary and take a ton of writing classes to make my writing better because, lets be honest, I  write at an 8th grade level.

Make the Dough // I make literally three cents a month, which is not bad because I know a few who make none! I spend so much time on my blog that it can be considered a part-time, almost FULL-TIME job. It would really nice to make some money to pay for college (#NYU) and make my parents think that I actually am acceptable in

That was all for this post! I hope you can relate and share in the comments below. Again, feel free to ask any question(s) and I ( Anyone is free to!) will answer them to the best of my ability ^_^

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Thanks for reading-XOXO

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Lets talk in the comments below!

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