Wednesday, April 8, 2015

An Afternoon in Georgetown

Hello~ Here is my second post from my D.C trip. After traveling to the Lincoln Memorial and Botanical Gardens in the morning, my family went to the affluent neighborhood of Georgetown to have lunch and some fun.

First, this place was overcrowded with people! For Easter Sunday, traffic was a mess. Parking was really hard, but luckily this place has a parking garage to avoid the terror of parallel parking. 

The first place I went to was the Baked and Wired Cupcake Shop over on Thomas Jefferson Street. The cupcakes were really cute because they were baked in parchment instead of cupcake cups. The cupcakes were okay in my opinion nothing really too special, but I need to go back to try them again...once is not enough!

Here is the most important part of the story. My dad has obsession with the Potomac River that flows throughout D.C. While we stopped at the Baked and Wired cupcake shop, my Dad saw the river down the street and decided he wanted to go there. My sister and I stayed and got our cupcakes, then proceeded down the street to the river. Little did we know there was a whole other world.

The picture above shows what I am talking about: a big pond with restaurants surrounding the it all along the river. We decided to eat one of the restaurants along the river. We ate at Tony and Joe's Seafood Place. It was expensive ranging from $14-23 for meals. To me it was worth it because we ate along the river and the food was amazing. I had the Fish Tacos which were huge and delicious.

After we went to Georgetown Cupcakes to pick up a box of cupcakes we had ordered and the ones I ate were delicious.  I would definitely go again, but maybe on a week day ^_^

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