Monday, April 20, 2015

Dresslink Wishlist

Hello everyone~ I was recently contacted by a store called Dresslink to do a review on some of their products and wishlist on some of products I like. Here are some items I would buy from Dresslink if I was not poor. However the products are really cheap...really CHEAP! Don't believe me? Check them out.

1. Chiffon Maxi Skirt // LINK //  When I was looking around Dresslink, this was the first item that caught my eye. It is a beautiful, flowing maxi shirt. I have gained the confidence to rock a maxi skirt this past year, but this just speaks to me and makes me want to wear it. It comes in a variety of colors, but for me, I really like the pink!

2. Beauty Blender Knock-Off // LINK // I have never splurged on a real beauty blender ( I did, but returned it). I really like the cheap ones for some reason, maybe because they are cheap. However, I want to try the sponge with the tradition round, beauty blender shape. All the other sponges I have tried are curved and ripple in the center. 

3. French Tips // LINK // I am a avid nail-biter, especially when I become stressed. Making it really hard to grow out my nails. I think these fake nail tips are great idea when I am looking for some length and for a more put-together look.

4. Fimo Nail Deco Sticks in Fruit // LINK // Another nail want. I have always seen these nail decos floating around the internet. To use them, you have to slice of a piece from the stick of your choice and apply with nail glue. This will look so cute for the summer time and since there is so many I can coordinate it with different nail colors.....genius.

5. Five Piece Face Brush Set // LINK // Another love...brushes! I love getting makeup brushes like I love getting makeup...a lot! I choose this set because I am dire need of some nice face brush for my foundation and they also come in this nice, sleek black color.

6. Makeup Brush Drying Rack // LINK // This product has been floating around the internet for some time and being makeup obsessed makes me want to try it. Its purpose is to dry your brushes upside down to ensure 99% of water is removed from the brushes making them last a long time.  

Dresslink is based in China along with all their products. They have a variety of products and they are extremely affordable. If I was you, I would use China Post for shipping ($7.00 aprox.) because it is the cheapest. However it takes 10-25 days which is a bit of a wait, but I am patient, so I do not mind. 

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Thanks for reading-XOXO

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What would you buy from them?


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