Friday, April 10, 2015

Nylon Turns Sixteen!

Fact number one: Nylon is one of my favorite magazines (should be the favorite, but Refinery29/i-D are silently climbing my list). Fact number two: one day I want to write for Nylon Magazine. Fact two is more of a dream than fact and may not even come true, but it is good to dream. I thought I would share a few photographs I took of the Nylon April Issue I got as a gift from my sister.

Nylon is my favorite magazine because the contributors are very creative with their posts. The graphics and pictures are well edited and taken. The entire issue is basically eye-candy and the articles are written superbly. To be quite honest, it is literally Tumblr on paper ^_^ This issue had a time machine to 1999, A Shailene Woodley cover/interview, A short snippet with Marina and the Diamonds, and more!

Nylon was born in 1999, the year of the hit TV show Friends. I have never seen that show, but I know about it because my friends adore it (is that some sort of pun?). I was about one at the time, now I am seventeen, pretty nostalgic if you ask me looking back on everything that happened in my life. In honor of their birthday they collaborated with one of my favorite brands/boxes: MEME BOX! They created a fun palette called the It-Girl Palette, which you can see here. They also created a nail-polish with Floss Gloss, which is a brand I never heard of, but need in my collection. The nail polish is called Second Base and is absolutely gorgeous! Don't believe me? Check for yourself here.

A lot of people don't read magazines anymore, however I really want to start reading more of them. Reading this issue of Nylon really opened my eyes and expanded by blogging/beauty/fashion horizon. That is why I challenge you to buy a magazine this month and read it cover to cover. It may seem hard if you are busy, but it is enjoyable if you have a great magazine. 

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Thanks for reading-XOXO

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What is your favorite magazine?

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