Monday, April 13, 2015

The Sponge Approach

Being a girl who has dry skin, it is important to micro-scrub dead skin off the skin on a daily basis. Micro-scrub is just a fancy word for a light face scrub. 

A few months ago, Alicia at Born Pretty Store contacted me and asked me to do some reviews on some new items they had just gotten in stock. I picked out the Balala Panda's Dream Lip Crayons (Review Link) and these Velvet Facial Washing Sponges (Link).   

My first expectation (keyword that should never be used or else you will be let down greatly) was that it was something similar to a Konjak Sponge, an up-and-coming facial sponge. It was a HUGE sponge! It was way to big and thick to be used as a facial sponge, which was a bit saddening. 

I started brainstorming what else I can use the sponge I decided to use it instead of my traditional bath sponge. It did not really cut it as a replacement, but I did find my favorite way to use it. Which is to use it with my body scrubs! 

The problem with body scrubs and a traditional bath sponge is that the products tends to fall through the net of sponge. With the sponge all product stays on the sponge and the pattern on the sponge works with the scrub to reveal smoother skin. I use a body scrub after I shave and I definitely see/feel a difference than using just my hands with the scrub.

Overall: I like the sponge and I have a light feeling that I will repurchase it when I get rid of both of them. It really helps with my body scrubs which all in all helps my dry skin. Hmmm....maybe I should just become a snake and shed my skin off in one go, which to me, will be much more efficient :D

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Thanks for reading-XOXO

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What do you think of these sponges?

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