Monday, June 1, 2015

Just Like New


The clarisonic is arguably one of greatest skincare inventions of the 21st century. I love my clarisonic, but for sometime I stopped using it because A) grew mold/fungus and B)... the brush head was way too expensive. Thank goodness I solved these problems and today I will tell you how.


Cleaning the head // It took practically two days to fully clean my clarisonic from all the mold and fungus. I started out by trying to google how to kill the unwanted substance. The best way was to use rubbing alcohol. I poured it on top, hoping that the nastiness would peel and float to the surface, but the liquid leaked out. I was like "did it drink it, will it still work?" followed by a very appropriate "umm?" There are actually two hole on the side of the head which drained most of the alcohol. I plugged it with wax and did again leaving it for an hour. It did that almost five times. Then I used q-tips and a toothbrush to clean it even more. I then realized a lot of gunk was underneath the plastic disk.

To take it out, I put a pin through the side hole and pushed up. The disk popped out because it was pretty flexible. I saw the I cleaned it out, washed it with water, and let it dry upside down. For the disc, I carefully put it back it in with the help of the gold plates. Like new!


New Brush Head // Everyone knows about the super expensive brush heads that need to changed every three months. Well I have not changed mine for two years....opps! Well as I was searching online to find one for less than $25, I found actual dupes on amazon. You can perfect dupes for a fraction of the price. I got two cashmere brush heads for only $15! (LINK) They work really well and are super soft. One of my new favorite finds ^_^ It is basically like I got a new clarisonic ^_^

Thanks for reading-XOXO

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