Thursday, June 11, 2015

What is on Laila's phone?



Hello everyone~ Today I am showing everyone what is on my phone. I have done this kind of post before, but during a blog mishap a few years ago the photos disappeared. I also think this kind of post is cool because I have seen videos on this but not any actual blog posts.


The first page is where I have access to some of my most important apps. Important apps being email, google+, instagram, calculater, clock, bloglovin, twitter, and snapchat. Then on the fixed bar I have phone, chrome, and camera. Oh and look are thoose my social media accounts I highly suggest you follow along with Instagram? Crazy!



When it comes to photo editing I use only a few apps. When I am going for the cute, Japanese, Haruna Kojima picture looks I use DECOPIC and CunPic for slefies. When I am just taking selfies and need to do some skin editing, I will use BeautyPlus. It is my favorite app for touching up my skin or using very cute/soft filters ^_^ I don't really use Candy Camera at all. I do use Photogrid for gridded photos along with some photoshop editing tools. Finally VSCO Cam is my favorite being because of all the cool usable photo filters. Majority of my photos on Instagram are using VSCO Cam filters.



I am planning on getting a new phone soon, preferably an iPhone 6. I know...I know I am going to iPhone 6 for a change, but I am still an avid fan of the Galaxy Phones ^_^ I just thought I needed a change. Then maybe I will do another "Whats on my iPhone post..." Crossing my fingers that I will get it!

Thanks for reading-XOXO

What do you keep in your purse?

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