Monday, July 6, 2015

Oh Crêpe!



On Thursday my sister celebrated her quarter-life crisis, aka her 25th birthday. She decided on making her own birthday cake and no one really felt like stopping her, lol. She decided on making a Crêpe Cake! Basically layers and layers of crepes with either a ganache or whipped spread, alternating between each layer.




It was an interesting and a very time-consuming process. She had to sit on a stool by the stove to watch the crepes cook for about an hour, which would make me throw up if I had to. However the crepes themselves came out a well-cooked brown! It had notes of cinnamon, which is something I am not a fan of, but they tasted very good. 

As for the spreads: they were just as good. One was a simple chocolate ganache, while the other was a whipped cookie butter spread. Delicious, right? Speaking of cookie butter, my sister bought all the ingredients Monday. However, she did not start making the cake till Wednesday night. From Monday to Wednesday evening I was chomping on the jar of cookie butter, unable to stop myself because it tasted so good. I decided I needed to buy her a new one, so I bought her a new jar. Lol, I fessed up in the end.

Anyways, it was a huge cake! I do not think my family will finish this in the next weeks or so. So, my decided to give a chunk to anyone we visit or visits us. Nice plan, right? 

The recipe is by Alexandra from Bright Eyed Baker. If you enjoyed it and made it, let her know in the comments.

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