Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Life Planner


Ever since I have gotten into glam planning, I have seen a huge increase in productivity. I have been studying more and I actually have a grip on the disaster I call a life. It is all thanks to the copious amounts of stress from scholarships, tests, and colleges. However with this handy-dandy planner I am a lot more organized and a lot less stressed out.


I have not found a weekly spread I feel that works for me, so I will share that next time. However, I started a college page in my notes section. I have four colleges I like and will be applying to; NYU (Dream School), OSU (Other Dream School), Miami of Ohio (beautiful!), and American (GOD BLESS THIS CAMPUS!). I got inspiration from this Tumblr post. 


This planner would not be fun without all the stickers. The ones above are PDF files I bought from the etsy store named Peach Paper Co. I edited the headers to say things like Morning, Afternoon, College, Act, etc. I also added a gray header set to match the September spread colors. I also got the 100 heart checklist set for lists. These were printed on some sticker paper (which it really dangerous because you will get addicted to printing stickers) I got from Amazon. 


These are my most used stickers I purchased from my craft store. I really like all of these, but I don't want to waste them because they did cost a bit of money. My favorite is the booklet under the heart sticker sheet. It comes with so many cute stickers that can easily fill up empty space. 


Remember when I said you would be addicted to printing stickers. Well here is my shameful collection. Many of them are tests because I could not get the right dimensions for the Erin Condren planner. I made a few of them but found some images from Pinterest. If there is anyone who wants me to make a background/graphics board on Pinterest, let me know ^_^


These are favorite stickers and how I will probably end up decorating my planner. I got the pig set (I thought they were bears) and the cat set from Amazon. I got one sheet  from a bunch of different sets from a store envy store called Jelly's Fancy.

Overall, I highly suggest in investing in a nice planner that will make you want to use it. The Erin Condren is very expensive, so it forces me to use it! I am really enjoying it because it managing my time a lot more efficiently. I also really like using the stickers ^_^

Thanks for reading-XOXO

What college did you go too?

What kind of planner do you have?
How do you like to plan?
College application tips?

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