Tuesday, November 10, 2015

We need to talk...


I know...I know... I have not posted in a long time, but I can explain everything! One word: Band. Not just any band, marching band. I may have mentioned it once or twice on my blog, but I am was a marching bando. My fourth and final season of marching band ended last Saturday at state competition. It is a really bittersweet feeling knowing that my high school career is coming to an end, but I will be starting a fresh new chapter.

In other news, I applied to one of my first choice colleges (I have two first choice colleges, which is strange, but I cannot choose one!). There were various questions for the common app essay and I chose the question that asked me to write about a particular talent and, of course, I talked about blogging. I worked really hard on both my essays, but if given the chance, I would work on them more. The application was due on November 1st, which was difficult to complete because of band and school. However, I completed it and sent it in before the deadline. I will let you guys know if I get in or not, hopefully I will ^_^

I am going to take this entire up-coming weekend to re-organize my school and blogging life, also french club is coming and I plan to run for president. We did not do much last year and I could not meet the other council members because of difference in French classes. Hopefully, I will be elected for an office and we can have a fun, final year.

My goal this week is to upload twice and visit social media everyday this week. Fingers-crossed that it work out. See ya on Thursday ^_^

 Thanks for reading-XOXO

See you next week, unless you follow me on social media :D

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