Friday, December 4, 2015

run Run RUN


I know there has been a serious lack of makeup posts on the blog lately and I am truly sorry. I just have not been in the makeup wearing mood because of everything going on with school and life, in general. I also know, I have been doing an overwhelming amount of life posts this past year mostly regarding school. However, I do think a part of Townhouse Palette as my personal diary because I feel as if I can share my true feelings here.


If you do not already know, I am a Senior in high school and I am currently applying to my early action colleges. I am now just waiting on whether or not I got in to my early action choices, but I do have other schools I want to apply to. My top school was the first school I applied which was on November 1st and just now they are starting to send out acceptance letters to people who applied a month and a half earlier than the Nov.1 deadline.

To be quite honest I am very used to running away or just avoiding my problems. It is the easiest and most natural way body responds. To be quite honest, I can't really run away from this. I am terrified because I think I will be denied from the main campus. I have been checking my email and application status more than twenty times a day hoping the college will email me, but nope. 

There is a person I know who applied super early had taken the ACT like six times and got the same score each time. Allegedly, the score was much below the average ACT score the college usually targets. However, she got in and it gave me hope that maybe I would have a chance, but when ever I get my hopes up, I end up becoming disappointed. 

I have been OBSESSING over college websites that tell you everything about the college like accepted gpa, act, sat, etc. Let me say that I spent hours looking at these websites, but the worst thing is that they all give me different answers on whether or not I will be accepted. Also, on college forums, the people who are applying are waaaay better than me. Some who are waaaay better and are not accepted. Which is terrifying!

What I really learned is that there is no real way to calculate whether or not one will get in. Admissions counselors are taking chances on students judging their high school performance. Which still makes me I am trying to end this post on a positive note, but it is not working. Keeping my fingers crossed and I will let you know if I get in! If you have been in this position and have any advice, let me know because I need it big time!

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