Sunday, December 27, 2015

What Blogging Taught Me...Townhouse Palette's 4th Birthday


I was sitting in my room yesterday (26th) around 11:50 at night when I remembered that Townhouse Palette's birthday was today (27th). Which was a really sweet surprise considering I was pretty sad that day because my car caught on fire and I had a week left of break :D

I always like taking this next week to reflect on the year and myself because that is important for self-growth. In the past, I always share a long heart to heart story which comes off slightly However, I thought I would share what blogging has taught me these past four years.

  1. Conforming to mainstream beauty standards will rot your growth.
  2. Accepting your unique features will give you more confidence than plastic surgery
  3. Deciding on plastic surgery is not a decision, it is a battle
  4. However, if you keep fighting, you will win
  5. Enjoy your youth, but sometimes it is okay to grow up a little
  6. But one should always stay true to his or her age
  7. Online friends can be as genuine as real friends
  8. The struggles unites us
  9. Writing is your own style
  10. Patience is essential to success
  11. Criticism can help tremendously
  12. but petty comments are unnecessary 
  13. Find the main root of hatred 
  14. Turn envy into a compliment  
  15. And most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Finally, I would like to thank all the readers who visit Townhouse Palette. Your presence is very special to Townhouse Palette and without you, this blog would cease to exist. If there is anything you need or want someone to talk to, I am always available! It is the least I can do~

I am very mellow about this day, you know I have been chilling. I think I am just content about my blog. However, my social media skills could use some work, lol. I have been dreaming about my fourth blogging anniversary for a long time because I am not considered a rookie anymore. It is kind of like graduating, which is like starting a new chapter.

Anyways, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the love and support these past four years. I have learned a lot and have grown a lot, but I am very thankful you joined me on this journey. Here is to the next four years, thank you!

Sincerely, Laila

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