Friday, December 23, 2016

Townhouse Palette Turns 5!


Who would have thought Townhouse Palette would make it to five years old!

If you would have told me that Townhouse Palette would be around after five years, I would not have believed you. When I started this blog in winter of 2011, I always thought I would give up after a year or two from not seeing any progress. However, there was a little voice in my head that kept telling me to keep going and to not give up. 

In these past five years, I never thought how connected I would be to my blog and to who I am as a person. I have grown and am still growing, learning, and trying in life. I have always had the at kid mentality that I could never stick to something for an extended amount of time due to the fact I would become bored or give up when it gets hard. But let me be honest, Townhouse Palette is far from perfect, VERY FAR...I can never get a post up in time and am scrambling at the last second (like right now). Sometimes my photos are blurry, my makeup is not slaying, and my grammar would make all my English teachers cry. It is thought that I keep trying and do not give up even when my writing is trash.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Black Friday Haul


Welcome to part two of my makeup haul that I said I was going to post. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I will be doing the other half of my beauty haul which consists of items I purchased during that Black Friday~Cyber Monday week due to the sick online deals. Before I get started, here is an excerpt from my previous post talking about Aleppo...

"Some of you may know about the conflict that is going on in Aleppo, Syria and how devastating it is (here are two sources talking about the conflict, The New York Times and The Washington Post). If any of you can mention this anywhere and/or donate, it would be greatly appreciated. I donated money to Doctors without Borders here, they are currently working on victims of the conflict. Here are some other sites/groups who are helping people of the crisis."

Without a further-a-do, let us get started!


Mac won the wallet this year with their 25% off each product, plus free shipping. I got a plethora of things because I thought this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Starting off, I picked up the MAC Nutcracker Sweet Warm Eye Compact and the MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl (not pictured in any of the photos because I forgot, lol). If you follow Townhouse Palette's Facebook Fan Page, I have been reposting makeup videos, new products, etc. One of which was this video by MAC where they used the palette and cream color in the look and I instantly told myself that I need to have it. I really liked how simple and flawless the makeup which is most likely because the model has already had her glo-up. 


Other bits include MAC Prep+Prime Lip Primer, MAC's Lipstick in Ruby Woo, and MAC's Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Dance With Me. The lip primer was a request from my sister, so I do not know what to think of it. Ruby Woo is definitely a cult makeup product that was bound to end up in my collection. As for the Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor, I am not the biggest fan of matte lips and have never heard anyone talk about these, so I thought I would give it a chance.



One thing was snatched from Glossier and that was their Stretch Concealer in Dark 30. Straight off the bat, I can say that is for people with very nice skin because this is a particularly thin concealer. A review is to come eventually because I need more experience with it to give an honest opinion.



The last item was a freebie from Macys and it is the Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in Matte Crimson. It came in a special holiday packaging plastered with red lip illustrations and little phrases, Which is much more preferred than the original because it is much cuter ^_^


That ends my post! Tell me in the comments what you copped on Black Friday/Cyber Monday because I like hearing about a good deal.

Happy Tuesday ^_^

Friday, December 16, 2016

New Drugstore Makeup Bits


It has been another hot minute since I last posted a blog post. However, I am relieved to say that I have finished up my finals and that I am now on winter break. I thought a great way to slide back into blogging was to talk about new products I have gotten over the course of a few months. I have collected so many new things that this post will be split into two; one being this post and another being a Black Friday Haul. If any of you would like a review on any specific product, let me know below. Before I get started, I wanted to talk about something really important. 

Some of you may know about the conflict that is going on in Aleppo, Syria and how devastating it is (here are two sources talking about the conflict, The New York Times and The Washington Post). If any of you can mention this anywhere and/or donate, it would be greatly appreciated. I donated money to Doctors without Borders here, they are currently working on victims of the conflict. Here are some other sites/groups who are helping people of the crisis. 

Thank you and now on to the post...


NYX Lip Liners

For Halloween, I picked up two new lip liners as I was running out of my Perfect Spice from Too Faced (mentioned here and here). I grabbed the NYX Lip Liners in Hot Red (SPL817) and in Nude Pink (SPL858). I got them from my local CVS for about $5.00. Color-wise, Nude Pink was not what I was wanted, which was mostly my fault. Nude Pink is too pink to be used with MAC's Velvet Teddy, which is that middle-ground nude color. Formula-wise, they are a bit drying on the lips and they take a few swipes to fill in all the creases on the lips, but they apply pretty smoothly. 

Maybelline Master Conceal

I tried a new concealer which was the Maybelline Master Conceal in 30 Light/Medium. I picked out a color that is a bit too cool for my skin tone. Which is again, hahaha, is my fault *upside down smiling emoji*. I have to say I like the formula and coverage though ^_^

Ardell Demi-Wispies Eyelashes

Moving into eyes, I think I have found my favorite eyelashes of all-time. They are the ever-so-famous Ardell Demi-Wispies. They are cheap (for lashes), they are nice quality, and they look very flattering on the eyes. They are not too dramatic, but they take your eye game to the next level. Highly recommend.


H&M Infinite Impact Eyeshadows

For eyeshadows, I have been pleasantly surprised with the H&M Infinite Impact Eyeshadows. I have Obsidian, Mojave, with Sahara Dawn and Cocoa Mauve, both picked up on Black Friday. I like the shadows and I am still playing around with them. I have tried Obsidian and Mojave, both are decently pigmented and apply pretty smooth.

Maybelline Eye Studio Eyeliner

I am tired of pencil and pen eyeliners because they never turn out nice on my eye, so I have resorted back to my trusty gel eyeliner. Right now, I am using the Maybelline Eye Studio Eyeliner in Blackest Black which I have been loving lately. I have always known this as an alternative to other gel eyeliners, but I was properly introduced to this by my friend Sana who had it in her makeup stash.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

Next, I have gotten my hands on the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean (601). I had purchased this because I needed an opaque base for a smokey eye look I was trying to do for my Halloween Costume. It is pretty good, it does have a bit of a wet formula, so setting it is crucial and blending is a must.


*Left to right: H&M's Obsidian, H&M's Mojave, NYX's Black Bean, NYX's Nude Pink, and NYX's Hot Red

Elf Flawless Concealer Brush

I have purchased the Elf Flawless Concealer Brush because I have been using a flat concealer brush for years and it was time for a switch up. It is really soft and blends my concealer very well, I like to go over the edges of my concealer with my beauty blender just to ensure everything is blended. However, this gets the job done.

Elf Daily Brush Cleaner

Finally, I have the Elf Daily Brush Cleaner which I use it to spot clean my brushes daily when my brushes need a pick me up after being beaten with products. It is not a deep cleanser for my brushes, but a cleanser for in-between uses, Think of it as a dry shampoo for brushes...

Those were some of the items I have gotten over the course of two-three months. Expect a Black Friday Haul soon as I am working on that at the moment. If you have time, please share the news about Syria for the sake of the innocent who are wrapped up in the horror.

Have a good weekend!

Also sending love and support to Aleppo.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler


I am not someone who styles her hair frequently. Not because I want to, but because I afraid to. I remember while growing up, my mom scaring me into not using hot tools for my hair saying that if I do, my hair will fall out. If that does not scare you, then you are living life to the greatest potential. 
I mentioned in my Autumnal Makeup post that I would be doing a review on the Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler. They contacted me towards the beginning of August asking me to review their straightener, and three months later, I have fully developed thoughts on the product.

Starting off, the iron retails for $149, which makes it a luxury iron comparable in price to the Sedu Revolution and the NuMe Flat Iron. However, as of November 13th, if you create an account with Irresistible Me, the straightener is $104 as an early Black Friday sale. The straightener comes in a hard boarded box that flips open, so it is fully protected when it arrives. 


Here is what the iron promises on the website...
  • a 360° mobile cord that swivels around following your every move
  • a thumb print and cool tips for a steady grip and to avoid burning your fingers
  • all buttons are on the inside so you don't accidentally change the settings
  • shuts down automatically in 30 minutes
  • gets hot (450F/230C) really fast, in up to 15 seconds
  • intelligent heat display that lets you see the temperature all the time
  • it is super light and comes in a beautifully designed box with magnetic closing that you can use to store it
  • it automatically changes the temperature display to Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on the supplied voltage, making it perfect for traveling
  • the 1'' floating plate self-adjusts, eliminating any pressure points, so that the iron can work through your hair smoothly without pulling


When I picked it up for the first time, I was shocked by how light it was. That immediately translated into me telling myself that the iron was cheap in quality. Which I would later be proved wrong...

I noticed that the chord swiveled which was a plus when I put my iron down it does not fall down. Also, it has a digital monitor on the top arm of the straightener. 

Prior to this iron, I used a drugstore one and the NuMe, which was good, but not great. I noticed that the NuMe pulled on my hair frequently, while the Diamond has pretty smooth plates that did not pull on strands of hair.


The iron heats up very fast, I mean very fast. It honestly takes tens of seconds to heat up to your desired temperature. It also cools down fairly quickly, which is nice when I want to straighten my fringe after doing my actual head of hair. It also has a light up bar on the top arm of the iron that visually shows how hot the iron is, much like a thermometer. 

I like the variation in temperature being 260 F to 450 F, so you can choose what temperature you want and know in the future what temperature your hair straightens well at because of the digital gauge. Also, you get do touch ups without using the extremely high temperature. 

Since of the 1" plates, the straightener can also be used as a hair curler. I have heard from a lot of people with short hair that using a straighter to curl hair is more reliable than a wand. 

For myself, I straighten my hair at 350-370 F depending on the day. The iron works very well on my hair where my hair is not overly thick, but each strand is thicker than average. Something I noticed is that with 370 F, I was able to get my hair completely pin-straight, even the ends, which I could not even do with my NuMe at 450 F. So kudos to that.

Not to get dramatic, but I have never been able to curl my hair with a straightener, however, now I can with this iron. The plate area of the iron is incredibly thin making it very easy curl my hair. I will insert a snap chat photo of my hair waved using the iron to the left. 

Which brings me to my next point of that plates are smooth enough not to pull on the hair, but are able to grip onto the hair. I think we all have experienced our strands of hair sliding out of the iron when we pull it down. I mean it still happens, especially when I try to style to large of strands. It just doesn't happen that much with this iron.

I have two gripes with this product, one being the price, it is $149 which is pretty hefty in my opinion. You are able to return the product if you don't like which is good and get a refund. The other reason, which hard to explain, is that the arms of straightener are a bit loose from the base. So, the two arms do move. Here is a gif of what I am talking about below.


*the GIF looks a lot more dramatic than it actually is, so be weary of that*

Overall, I love the iron! It works very well with my hair type and is adjustable if my friends/family want to use it as well. It is expensive, but when it is on sale for $100 definitely look into buying it because it is a lot better than irons at the drugstore. I would recommend to my friends, but here is a chart of all the leading straighteners on the market. 

Name | PriceRatings Depending on Website

Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler | $149 |  4.5/5 (84 reviews on, 5/5 (20 reviews on

GHD Classic 1" Inch Styler | $149 | 4.5/5 (514 reviews on, 4.4/5 (113 reviews on, 4.5/5 (3,745 reviews on

GHD White/Black Platinum Professional Performance Styler | $249 | [White] 4.6/5 (75 reviews on 4.3/5 (569 reviews on, [Black] 4.1/5 (170 reviews on, 4.1/5 (721 reviews on

NuMe Megastar | $ was Offline, 5/5 (6 reviews on |$97.99 | 3.7/5 (18 reviews on

Sedu Revolution | $134.99 | 4.1/5 (189 reviews on, 4.1/5 (26 reviews on

*while on Amazon, beware of fakes being sold! You might think you are getting a good deal, but you is not of the same quality. Always check the seller to see if it is the actual brand or a trusted website that sells the product*

I read the descriptions on all the irons and they sound the same, but I feel like the Irresistible Me offers more in small things compared to the other irons listed. You can read the descriptions for yourself and decide. However, the Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler gets my seal of approval and will be recommended to my friends who are in the market for a new flat iron. 

Happy Tuesday!

*EDIT* 12/15/16* The Irresistible Me Team explained to me why the base plates move. Their statement is as follows...

"Regarding the fact that you mentioned that you don`t like the arms of the straightener because they are a bit loose from the base I just want to say that the plates are meant to move like that because the floating plates self-adjusts, eliminating any pressure points so that the iron can work through your hair smoothly without pulling, so we made it like that to avoid any pulling of the hair."

Something I did not think about, but thank you to Blair for explaining ^_^

Friday, November 11, 2016

Autumnal Makeup


In light of the fact that it took over a month to get my Fall senses to kick in, here I am with an autumnal look a few weeks before winter begins. For this post, I am doing a makeup look inspired by a popular Chinese actress named Li BingBing. I was looking up photos of Fan BingBing, another very very popular Chinese Actress, and found a photo of Li wearing a beautiful dark lip with feathered out lashes (photo here). It just screamed Fall! I tried to recreate it and even straightened my hair with my Irresistible Me Diamond Professional Hair Straightener, which you will hear about in an upcoming post. 


Rimmel Stay Matte Primer in #003 | $6
Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous Foundation in #220 | $7 
MUFE HD Concealer in #R32 | $27 
Maybelline Master Concealer in #30 (Light/Medium) | $9 
Maybelline Shine Free Face Powder in #02 (Medium) | $5 
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in 'Buck' | Naked Paletted 1
Mac Pigment in 'Naked' | #22
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner in 'Blackest Black' | $10
Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in 'Sycorax' | $29 
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara | Travel Size
Ardell Demi Whispies Eyelashes | $4
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in 'Iridescent Light' | Ambient Lighting Edit - post here 
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in 'Mood Exposure' | Ambient Lighting Edit - post here  
Becca x Jaclyn Hill Blush in 'Amaretto'| $52, from palette 
Elf Lip Gloss in 'Micheal' | $3
Mac Fix+ | $23 | post here 

This look was on my Makeup Looks to Recreate board on Pinterest (link) for the longest time, but now, I was given a reason to do it.  Also, a lot of these products were included in my Autumn Edit, 2016, which I posted last week here.

I hope you enjoyed this post and tell me what other posts you would like to see in the future!

Happy Veterans Day and have a great weekend! 

Friday, November 4, 2016

The Autumn Edit, 2016


Another year, another Autumn Edit. Like I mentioned in my previous post, Laila Notes I. (link), I have not been wearing makeup very often. Many of the products I have mentioned are things I have already talked about or they are brand new and I have only used them once or twice. However, I decided to mention them because they gave me a good first impression. With that being said, please do not hesitate to ask me for more details on the product or full reviews.

As per usual, I got the idea to do an Autumn Edit from The Anna Edit, formerly known as Vivianna Does Makeup, (link) and I hope you enjoy :)


Mac Lipstick in ‘Dubonnet’

Cue the sky parting, light shining, and angels singing because I think I have just found my favorite lipstick. I am going to be honest with you guys, I am so over the matte lipstick/liquid lipstick trend. I have dry lips, and even though I know somewhere out there is a wonderful liquid lipstick with a matte finish, I am done trying to pursue those which I have not found. How I came across this lipstick is that I was at the Mac counter at Nordstrom looking at the Viva Glam I lipstick. It is quite popular and like I said before, I am succumbing to trends, so do not be surprised. When I applied the lipstick upon my crusty lips, I realized that it was not worth my sanity trying to keep that dry savannah moisturized. I really did love the color with its deep red-brown. I asked one of the workers and we tested out lipsticks and this was the closest match. I don’t mind it because it is stunning! It is described as a “Deepened Claret” which is deep redish-brown perfect for fall (link , $17)

Elf Extra Lip Gloss in 'Micheal'

This was given to me as a graduation gift to me by my friend Husna. I really liked this lip gloss because the color is a beautiful plum with a red undertone. It also has a flat doe-foot applicator, which is really unique compared to other glosses. Finally, it is also very cheap. I am really happy I got this as a gift because I would have never even touched them. Thank you Husna ^_^ (link, $3)

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in 'Whimsical'

One of my favorite lip colors because it gives me a chance to play with some purple and sparkle. This purple has a nice warm undertone which is ideal for my tan skin tone. Also, this lip color has glitter specs in it which may sound childish, but it actually quite tasteful. (no link, $9)


Colourpop Super Shock Shadows in 'Deux' and 'Trois'

These colors were a part of the Jenn Nais Sais Quoi collection, whom I talked about here. What I like about Deux is obviously how beautiful the color and finish of the shadow is. It is a shimmery gold shadow with chunky glitters which is reminiscent of Korean type eyeshadows. Trois is definitely another game changer for me because of the red undertone that I otherwise would never use. It is such a great way to incorporate color, without being overdone. (link, $5)


Mac Pigment in 'Tan'

My newest addition to my Mac pigment collection. It is a beautiful rose-gold copper shade. Which can be worn subtly with a light brush of an eyeshadow brush or opaque with a spritz of water/Fix+ for more intensity.  One of my newest favorites and something I would go back and repurchase. (link, $22)

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Face Palette, 'Prosecco Pop' and 'Amaretto'

I think this season has been about the gold highlight and one of my favorites has to Prosecco Pop by Becca. It is a beautiful shimmery gold highlight that is great for darker skins. Also, Amaretto from the same palette is considered a blush, but I like using it as a contour. It a milk chocolate color with a matte finish. I use it lightly because it is quite pigmented. 

Overall, this post was well overdue, but I was able to talk about products I have never talked about on this blog. I will most likely upload a photo of swatches on my Instagram (here) and Facebook (here), but my SD card broke >.< However, a new one is on the way!

Before I pop out, I wanted to give a long, overdue shoutout to one of my best friends, Gina. She has been one of my ride or dies for ages and one of my favorite friends to talk makeup with. She is probably slaying at college right now with her sharp highlight and well-arched brows. I miss you a lot and hope to see you and the squad soon!

What are your Autumn Favorites?

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Laila Notes I.


It has been another hot minute since we last spoke, so please forgive if my blogging comes off a bit rusty. As many of you may have noticed, Townhouse Palette was shut down for more than a week, which is beyond what I intended. So, sorry about that, but let us pick up where we left off in my last personal post.

I decided to style this post like a Grace Day's, or That Grace Girl, Grace Notes (link). It is like a mini favorites posts. So, you know, something fun for the TP fam. 


Two posts ago, I posted my Skincare Routine (link) where I talked about my intense skin breakout I got a few weeks before I started college. So far my skin has been recovering very well, with only a few pimples popping up occasionally. The only issue I am trying to resolve is the hyperpigmentation. Which is nothing a good brightening mask can do! 

The Post.

In other news, I joined my school newspaper, The Post! I started off doing the photo staff; then I joined the multimedia staff; and now, I am also on the social squad. Yesterday, I had a photo blog go up about my experience being on the photo staff. If you want to read it click here. *Shameless plug, there is a photo of a sleeping kitten :)

My Fashion.

I want to let you know that if there is anything weaker than my Instagram, it is my fashion game. Like, it is WEAK! I have just been wearing leggings, sweatpants, and t-shirts. It is sad and the OOTD gods would not be happy.


As for movies, I have watched a few while at college. We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011) was definitely an intense movie that shares the dysfunctional relationship of mother and son. It is on the psychological thriller tract and it can be found on Hulu. I also watched Practical Magic (1998), it was not one of my favorite movies because it was not very Halloween-esque to me and I was not 'wowed' by the story line. I also watched Silence of the Lambs (1991) and it was fantastic! It was very suspenseful and had me at the edge of my seat the entire time. Also, the ending caught me by surprise.


The best part of the fall has to be the Fall TV! Once Upon a Time came back with its sixth season and I am feeling comme ci comme ca about it. I am not familiar with the story of Jekyll & Hyde, and I am not too ecstatic about the approach they are using with Aladin. Next, I am excited for The Mindy Project this season, as we left off on an intense cliffhanger dealing with Mindy's relationship. Finally, I was really shocked to see that Fresh Off the Boat is making its return for its third season, after being left off on another intense cliffhanger (that I really did not remember, opps!).


I did not wear any makeup for while because of my acne. So, nothing new to report here. 

My Bullet Journal.

If you remember, a few months ago I started my bullet journal journey and as of today, I have finally found a spread that works very well with my schedule. I will share it in a separate post, but for now, click here and here to see more about my experiences with bullet journaling. 

Future Posts.

For future posts, I am planning on more makeup looks because those are my favorite to post. I currently have a Pinterest Board of makeup looks I want to recreate (link). I think I want to recreate the Li Bingbing look (link) because it has an intense autumnal vibe. My friend Lily (link)  suggested to do a f(Luna) 'Free Somebody' makeup look because she said it will suit me well, but I really want to get the contacts Luna wore in the video before I do that look. I will probably end up doing a dorm tour post as well.


I wanted to end this post with a question, should I start a Townhouse Palette Snapchat? I know I already don't post on most of my social media accounts, but I think it would be fun and more personal. Tell me in the comments below what you think.

Well, I'll be back soon with my Autumn Edit. This is something I look forward to every season because it gets me excited for the new seasonal term. Other than that, I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to talking with you guys soon.

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Spooky Halloween Watchlist

Halloween Town
Happy October everyone! October has to be my favorite time of year and with the temperature dropping where I live, so it is really beginning to feel like fall. I want to give the TP family a soft post today, so I would share my super-awesome-spooky-scary-leaving-you-shook watchlist to really get everyone in the Halloween spirit.

The list isn't very large, but I separated the movies in two lists: movies I have watched and movies I want to watch. A lot of the movies are not your typical horror films, the majority are cult classics or childhood favorites.

Hocus Pocus

Movies I Have Watched and Love

Childhood Favorites
Hocus Pocus
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Monster House
Halloween Town Franchise
Harry Potter Franchise
Tower of Terror
Don't Look Under the Bed
Phantom of the Megaplex
Moms Got a Date with a Vampire
Under Wraps

Viewer Discretion is Advised
The Others
Ghost in the Shell

Movies I Want To Watch

Sleepy Hollow
Corpse Bride
Silence of the Lambs
Rosemary's Baby
American Psyco
Perfect Blue
The Omen
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
Practical Magic

In the comments below, tell me about your favorite Halloween Movies. I am always looking for recommendations ^_^

References some ideas from here and here, click on the links for even more movie recommendations.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Skincare Routine


A few weeks before I packed up and moved out to college, I had the worst skin break out of my life. I usually break out on either my cheeks, foreheads, or temples. However, since I have the worst of luck, I broke out everywhere, including my neck. 

Whenever I break out, I just give my acne time to heal itself with the help of my acne routine, maybe a spot treatment, but my skin was not healing very well, so it only made sense for me to scrap my skincare routine at that moment and start anew. I have been also avoiding wearing any forms of makeup, so my skin can really heal. Thought I would share with you guys what I have been doing.


For cleanser, I decided to switch over from a daily, gentle cleanser to an acne cleanser because I thought it would help with my breakouts. The story behind this one is that I was watching f(x)'s Amber's Ranting Monkey video where she showed her skincare routine and she showed her acne cleaner without saying the name. I knew the style of the product was from Neutrogena, so I did my research and I think it is the Neutrogena All-in-1 Acne Control Daily Scrub (link). It retails for about $8.00 and you can find it at your local drugstore. The product is nice and I feel like it works, but it is a bit too early to tell if it is helping. However, I like how it is a gentle, everyday scrub.

An oldie, but goodie, the Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight and Fade Toner (link) was the first toner I ever used. I remember I used it in seventh grade when I first broke out, it helped clear my skin significantly. Over time, because of  constant use, it stopped working for me, but I decided to revisit it. It helps fade my acne scars and it significantly reduced the whiteheads on my nose.

I went on a Cosrx craze when searching for new skincare products. I really wanted to try the Cosrx One Step Pimple Pads (link) , but Amazon had a flaky stock and it was not on prime [at the time]. You know the saying, #noprimenolife. I learned about the whole Cosrx line from Teddybearkitties (link), who is a Seoul based YouTuber. She raved about the brand, so I decided to invest. I bought the Cosrx Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol (link), a toner for my acne. It reminds me of the Etude House Skin Mal;gem Smoothing because it has a slight exfoliation of the skin. For a day moisturizer, I use the Cosrx Natural BHA Skin Returning Emulsion (link). I really like the watery serum like texture for my skin. Moisturizing, but not heavy, great for combination skin.


I wanted a cheap but trusted moisturizer for my dry to combination skin. The cheapest moisturizer at Sephora and one of the most popular, was the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (link). I have been using it as a night moisturizer because it was a little too much for the humid weather at the beginning of the school year. Now that we are shifting into the colder months, I might start using it as a day moisturizer as well.

For skin treatments, I still love My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Sheet Masks (link | mentioned here). It does a great job moisturizing my skin and lightening my scars. I still use it and will be using it for a long time! For acne spots, I have been really been liking the Origins Super Spot Remover (link). At first, I was not very interested in it because, at the time, I was using the Mario Badescue Drying Lotion (link). However, it does a really good job of speeding up the process of healing some very stubborn acne spots. I also like how the gel is clear, so I can apply it day and night.

Overall, with this skincare routine, I have seen my acne heal a lot more than with my previous skincare routine. In the coming months, I will be switching out products because I always like to try something new! Tell me in the comments what your skincare routine is and if you have tried any of these products.

Happy Monday ^_^

Friday, September 23, 2016

Russian Roulette



Leave it to Red Velvet to make another unforgettable comeback. SM tricked us this time because there was a ton of rumors stating that RV was going to come back with a 'Red' concept, similar to Automatic (link) and Be Natural (link), but, surprise, it was a 'Velvet' concept this time. 

Individually, I liked all their new looks. Wendy looked great with her fringe and hair color, but her hair definitely needs a break when it comes to coloring. I liked her ashy-gray color, though. It was only a matter of time before Yeri went for a deep red and she pulls it off well. Seulgi is so cute that she would look nice bald, her hair was channeling a Pippi look, but I am not a fan of the color, but again, she is too cute, not to look good. Joy definitely had to go through the most for going blonde. For one, she is naturally a little tanner, but she did some skin lightening to pull off the blonde color with the yellow dip-dye. She looked really good with this look, but she looks awesome with her tan and dark hair. Finally, Irene had two hair colors this comeback. The dark gray-purple she has on now, and the light pink with blonde low-lights. I have to say, even though Irene looks great either way, but I really liked the pink color better because it definitely complemented the makeup. 

The makeup for this comeback was all about the blush. The blush look was a Japanese makeup trend that was popular a few years ago. It focuses the blush in a straight line from the cheekbones and a touch on the bridge of the nose to create this 2D animated blushing effect. For today's makeup, I went for the Seulgi look because she had the most eye makeup. Also, Hauted0ll, or Lily, did a Wendy makeup tutorial featuring the glitter cheeks she had in the MV. So if you are interested in that, click the link here.

The photos came out a little more washed out than intended...which I am not too upset about because I am not a professional photographer and I do everything myself. My hair was a mess because I had just unbraided after sleeping on it. For the first time ever, I got the cool dutch braided pigtails by my suitemate, Jasmin. I should have let them sit for an hour or two before photographing. 


First I applied scotch tape from the outer corner of my eye to the end of my eyebrow. Since I had no primer, I decided to apply a little bit Rimmel Stay Matte Primer to my eyelid. Then I went straight in with eyeshadow, applying two-three layers of MAC's 'Naked' Pigment with a fluffy paintbrush (lmao, I know). For my eyeliner, I went hard. I lined my eyes with Colourpop's 'Quatre' and used water to intensify the color. After curling my lashes, I applied a coat of Benefit's Roller Lash to my top lashes.

For the face, I applied my Nivea Men's Post Shave Balm and used one layer of Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous in '220' all over, in addition to another layer on acne. Undereyes were counteracted with the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer in 'R32' and everything was set with my Maybelline Shine Free Loose Powder in 'Medium 02.' I went back to apply MAC's 'Naked' Pigment to my bottom lash line and then finished my eyes by applying the same mascara to my bottom lashes.

I skipped the contour and shading, to focus of the blush. For the blush, I applied Becca x Jaclyn Hill Blush in 'Pamplemousse,' to my cheeks under my eyes and to the bridge of the nose. For highlight, I lightly applied Hourglass Abient Lighting Powder in 'Iridescent Light' very lightly.

Finally, for lips, I used a combination of colors. I first used the Too Faced Melted Lipstick in 'Melted Jelly 'Donut' which was too magenta for the look, so I added Elf's Extra Lip Gloss in 'Brett' to add some more red tones.


The full list of products...
MAC 'Naked' Pigment | Nordstrom - $22 | I talked about it here
Colourpop's 'Quatre'  | Limited Edition Collection - Jenn Nais Sais Quoi | I talked about it here
Benefit's Roller Lash | Birthday Sample | Full sample link here
Too Faced Melted Lipstick in 'Melted Jelly Donut' | Sephora - $21 - link here
Elf's Extra Lip Gloss in 'Brett' | Perfect Pout Set | Gifted by Husna 
Nivea Mens' Post Shave Balm | Drugstore - $5-8
Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation in '220' | Drugstore - $5-7
Becca x Jaclyn Hill Palette in 'Pamplemousse' Palette| Sephora - $52 | Limited Edition
Rimmel Stay Matte Primer | Drugstore - $5-7
Maybelline Shine Free Loose Powder | Drugstore
Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer | Sephora - $27 -link here

Today is also the 23rd of September and also one my closest friend's, Liz's Birthday. It's really sad because my friends and I have been celebrating her birthday since Middle School together and this is the first time we are apart ;_; However, we will meet again soon ^_^ So Liz if you are reading this, we have made some great memories and hopefully, make more in the future. I miss you a lot and can't wait to see you and quad, so we can properly celebrate!

Please show Red Velvet lots of love in the future and thanks for reading!

Happy Friday ^_^

Friday, September 16, 2016

My First Month of College


Well, hello everyone~ It has been a bit since I have published a blog post here on T.P and I think I should just give you a general update of what has been going on with me.

I have been slacking because it feels like there are not enough hours in the day and I really have prioritized school than anything else, so that is why my blog has been 'meh' these past couple weeks. I am still trying to figure everything out when it comes to blogging, so bear with me.

If you follow me on Instagram (link), you probably already know where I am going to school. So I think it is only fair to be transparent about it. However, I am not going to say the name of my school here because I want you to go to my Instagram and figure it out...shameless self-promotion. With that being said, I felt like sharing my thoughts on how my transition into college is going. 


Where do I begin? Okay, lets talk about my room because I think that is a good place to start. I live in a single with AC (AC is literally the best decision ever!), but I share a bathroom with four other girls in my hallway. Prior to arriving, I thought I would have very little room, but I was wrong because I have plenty of storage for all my items.

As many of you may know, I am currently studying Journalism, strategic communication to be exact and so far it has been very fun. This is the first time in a long time that I have found a textbook actually interesting. On the 13th we had David Handschuh (link), who was a 9/11 photographer, come speak to my freshman journalism class and he also spoke later in the day which was open to the public. I can do a whole post about how his words affected me, but he mentioned how photojournalism, or journalism in general, is about asking questions, getting people to talk, have conversations to ultimately tell a story. He tried to scare the freshman class by talking about debt, but jokes on him, because I got four years till I have to worry about that #procrasination. Overall, great speaker, great guy, and, of course, a great photojournalist. Please check out his work/sns here, here, and here!


I also joined my school newspaper, The Post (link), I am on the photos and, apparently, I am on the multimedia team. I don't know how that happened, it just did. I also want to dabble in the social media team for the newspaper because you guys know how good I am at social media...


When I first arrived, I didn't realize how much I miss my squad of friends from school. It was hard not having my clique to talk and have fun with. I am so used to having them that I forgot how to make new friends. However, I am really enjoying living in my Mod and my suite mates are so nice and fun to be around. I really think I lucked out. However, I am really happy my squad has a group message, it feels like we are always together.

On an ending note, I think I have transitioned pretty well. It was hard, but I have gotten through it. I am trying to balance everything and somehow I took 3+ photo jobs this week, I don't know how that happened. I got a Keurig and my acne has cleared up a great deal! Also, a big shout out to my friend Mejean (Meagan)! She deserved it just for existing! A true MVP. 

Happy Friday ^_^

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mac Brushes 129 & 217


Hello everyone~ Long time, no talk...again. I pretty am settled into college, kind of, and think I am ready to start posting again. I thought it would be appropriate do a post about my MAC brushes I have been using for a while. I mentioned the brushes in my haul (here) where I also bought some Glossier Products and some more MAC makeup. The brushes I purchased were the MAC 129 and 217.


The first brush is the MAC 129 (here) where it retails for $35.00 and is considered a blush/powder brush, or just all over face brush. On the website, it looks very narrow, which is how it comes, but after a use or two, it spreads out. I have been using it as a shading brush for my bronzer and I haven't branched out of that. It does a good job picking up color and blending it out. 

I read that on many people didn't like the brush because it sheds like crazy, but have had for about 1.5+ years and have noticed any massive amounts of shedding.


Next is the coveted MAC 217 (here) brush that is one of the most recommended by MAC. It is a synthetic blending brush that retails for $25.00 on MAC. I have to say that this is my favorite eye brush at the moment because of how well it diffuses my eyeshadows. I have had instances where I have applied very pigmented eyeshadow to my outer corner and it took like five to ten minutes to blend out, but it did the trick and looked very nice.

My brush is a bit stained from not washing it and the products I use, but it still works and does not shed that much.

Overall, I really enjoy both of these brushes and can see these lasting for quite some time, even the MAC 129! Tell me in the comments what your favorite makeup brushes because I am in the middle of changing out my collection.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, August 12, 2016

AM/PM Routine Tag


I have not done a tag in a very long time. The last tag I did was the Get to Know Me: Beauty Bloggers Tag...REVISITED (link), where I just made fun of my original Get to Know Me: Beauty Blogger Tag where I guest posted on Majotron and she guested on mine (link). That was almost three years ago, how time flies~

Today, I will be doing the AM/PM Tag. I originally saw this on The Celution (link) and told myself to do it, but then forgot, then saw it on the Like Neon Love (link) and had that 'Oh Yeah' moment. 

Enough rambling...let's get started. *plays 32-bit Super Mario music*


What is your morning beauty routine?

I usually wake up from an alarm or an urge to use the bathroom, no joke! After that, I wash my face. Recently, I have been using the Neutrogena Gentle Foaming Face Cleanser (link) following The Nature Republic Aloe Vera (link) as essence and The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration (link).

Whats for breakfast?

Same thing every day. One egg with spinach and mushrooms seasoned with salt and pepper made into an omelet. A slice of wheat toast with almond butter and, alternating between, cookie butter and Apricot Jam.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee with milk and Baileys Irish Cream Creamer.

How long does it take you to get out the door?

It is currently my summer vacation, so I have nowhere to go. However, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour. If I was still in high school I would be out within about 20-30 minutes. 

What is your go to makeup look on a fuss free morning?

Some mascara, concealer, some powder, and a lip balm. Maybe some blush if I am looking extra ghosty. 


What is your evening beauty routine?

First I remove any makeup using my Garnier Micellar Water (link). Then I do my AM beauty routine finishing off with my Lioele Water Drop Sleeping Pack (link) or Daiso Hylauronic Acid Sleeping Pack (link).

Snacktime! What is in the bowl?

I don't really eat snacks in the evening, but I do enjoy a nice calming tea. My favorite tea at the moment is the Tazo Zen Green Tea

How do you wind down and prep for bed?

In a perfect world I would read a book, but in reality, I sit on my phone for like an hour. 

Cosy up! What are you wearing to sleep?

Pajama pants and a comfy t-shirt. 

What are some things you must do before hitting the hay?

I have to put my phone on do not disturb and just sleep. I am a pretty simple, fuss-free sleeper. 

Baes I tag:
Holly, Holly Loves The Simple Things (link)
Yige (link)
Lily, Hauted0ll (link)

Have you done this tag, let me know in the comments below!

Have a good weekend ^_^

Friday, August 5, 2016

Bullet Journal Flip Through (Video)


If you remember a month ago I did a post called Why I am switching from an Erin Condren Planner to a Bullet Journal (link) and I mentioned that I would give an update on how bullet journaling was going for me. So far, I have been very so much enjoying having a bullet journal. I was going to a picture heavy post, but would take forever to edit, write, and not to mention load on my website. I decided to do a Bujo (what all the cool kids call bullet journals) Flip Through Video for the sake of sanity.

A lot of my links for bullet journals and what not is in the description box of the video, so make sure to check that out along with the video.

Let me know in the comments what you think. Other than that...

Happy Friday ^_^

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Favorite Blog Posts of the Week


Happy Tuesday everyone! I thought I would do a small chatting post with everyone as I am wrapping up my summer vacation and heading off to college in less than three weeks. To get straight to the point, no, I am definitely not ready to go, but before I get into that I wanted to talk about something new I have been doing on Bloglovin' lately...

Friday, July 22, 2016

Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil


Recently, there has been a huge makeup trend/technique of applying face oil to the beauty blender and then adding foundation to get that very moist, dewy look. I know some popular face oils include the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir (link) by Farah Dhukai and the Tatcha Camellia Beauty Oil (link) is gaining momentum. One thing these oils have in common is that they are very expensive being $54 and $95 each, respectively. Another very expensive face oil would be the Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil (link), which is  $65, and it is the product I will talk about today [nice segway]. 

Starting off, I wanted to mention why I bought it. My sister and I suffer from dry skin and dehydrated/peeling skin on certain occasions. My sister has been using acne medication that drys out her skin even more, so foundations/concealers are very difficult to manipulate. We needed some sort of moisturizer because we were trying on a foundation at Sephora. This is the first thing I saw and I was like, Ok! We tried it, it moisturized her skin well, and we bought it! We try to live a spontaneous, adventurous life.
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