Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What I got for my 18th Birthday ^.^




I realized that I have not done my formal 'What I got for my birthday' post which is strange considering my birthday was two months ago. To be quite honest I think I put this post on hold because the things I asked for was on the more nerdy/nostalgic side of my personality. However, I really want to thank all my friends and family who gave me presents on this occasion. I want to mention a thank my to my friends Liz, Savannah, and Allison for taking me out for dinner on my birthday. They paid for my meals and I am truly grateful ^_^

Final Fantasy 13-2 :: Mom 
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix :: Brother
Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix :: Brother
Zelda Twilight Princess HD :: Brother
Howls Moving Castle Blu-Ray :: Brother
Princess Mononoke Blu-Ray :: Brother
Howl's Moving Castle Book :: Dad
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette :: Sister
New Tri-Pod (not pictured) :: Brother
Barns & Noble Giftcard :: Husna

Another year, another birthday :) Time really flies by when you least expect it. I just wanted to take a second to thank all the people who have been reading and following Townhouse Palette. I wanted to personally thank you for making my birthday and everyday very special.

Happy Tuesday ^_^

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