Friday, May 20, 2016

Five Beauty Vloggers That You Should Be Subscribed To.

I have been into YouTube beauty videos ever since I saw my first video when I was about six or seven. I remember my friend's sister pulling up a video by Michelle Phan on how to make a face mask using an egg (+ a short omelette tutorial :D ) (link). Overtime, you can say I have become addicted to all the interesting videos and have found beauty vloggers who I really connect with on a spiritual level. I thought I would name my top five and I HIGHLY suggest you subscribe to them because they are awesome!

Clothesencounters-Jenn Im // Channel Link // Jenn holds a very special place in my heart. I remember stumbling onto her awesome monthly favorites videos that were filmed in her cozy Oakland apartment a few years back and feeling very relaxed. To be very honest I think I miss her apartment more than She has really inspired me to be my own individual-self and to find my own sense of style. She is creative, funny, and I can really relate to her as an Asian-American when I see her embrace her Korean-American background. She articulates very well, which makes sense because she is a total bookworm, which is something that is not common among a lot of Beauty Vloggers. When I watch her videos it feels as if I am talking to a close friend <3. Monthly Favorites Playlist Here

Claire Marshall // Channel Link // I was first introduced to Claire through Jenn Im and I instantly fell in love with her overall aesthetic when it came to her lifestyle, her fashion, and her makeup. I really enjoy her minimalist style and her ability to articulate when it comes to reviewing beauty products. She also thinks outside the box for many of her videos like her 'Whats in my Purse' and 'Favorite Lipsticks'.

I really like how she sheds a positive light on being thirty. I used to think my twenties were going to be my only years of true freedom, but Claire totally destroyed that way of thinking. SHE IS LOOKING GREAT! I really hopes she does YouTube for a very very long time because she seems like she loves it and she is amazing at it. She really inspires me to be creative and be the best blogger I can be ^_^

Siena Mirabella // Channel Link // One thing that made me happy about finding Siena's videos was that she is the same age as me. She has such a natural funny, sarcastic personality that is unlike anyone else on YouTube our age. Her minimal style and love for books, games, fangirling, fashion, and beauty really made me connect with her on a deeper, spritual level. She is attending the University of Washington in Seattle this Fall, which shows were are meant to be together because I am going to college too!

Tori Sterling // Channel Link // Like Siena, Tori is also the same age as me. I really enjoy her videos because she is authentically into makeup and makes great tutorials. I have learned quite a bit from her and really enjoy her girl next-door personality. I get really excited when her notification pops up in my subscription box on YouTube. I can't wait to experience college with her and see her grow ^_^

Bubzbeauty // Channel Link // Hands down Bubz, or Lindy, has to be my favorite YouTuber on the planet.  I have watched her since the beginning of my YouTube video watching career! Just growing up watching her, it felt like I have always had a close friend. She is so cute,funny and youthful, but has the wisdom of an 80 year old I have stated multiple times that I love a natural makeup looks and she delivers that successfully. She also has a vlog channel which showcases her cute family consisting of Tim (husband), Isaac (son), with dogs Chubbi and Domo! They are absolutely the cutest ^_^

I can go on and on talking about how much I LOVE Lindy! However, the most important thing is how much she inspires me to live life in a positive way. There are no need for LA or the NYC lifestyle, a fancy car, a fancy house, designer clothing/handbags, or any luxuries. Just nothing makes life more worth living than a family, friends, a home, and spending it with your one true love. 

Ahh~ Who knew that people talking to a camera could inspire millions? One of my goals this summer is to restart my YouTube channel and make some good quality content for you guys. Also, one week left of high school. I will be graduating on the third of June, but am getting out this coming Thursday. Very bittersweet~

Happy Friday! Have a safe weekend ^_^

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