Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Chapter Ended: High School.


If you would have asked me how I feel about High School two or three years ago, I would say it feels as if it will never end, and this is coming from someone who has had senioritis since sophomore year. However, now that it has ended, it is kind of unreal. 

I started running this blog probably six- to eight months before I started high school and I'm really thankful that I was able to capture almost all memories I have accumulated in high school through this piece of the internet. I have to say that I have significantly changed these past four years.

It is currently 10:48 AM on 6/1/16 and I currently sitting in the coffee shop of the university I will be attending this Fall listening to Borders by Amber. Nice song btw. It is a bit surreal that I will be going on different paths compared to my tight knit of friends I have had since middle school.

To be quite honest, High School was not my most favorite time in my life, but I am pretty happy with the experience. High School was not sunshine and rainbows. There were some ups and downs which is expected because that is life.

I do not have much-materialized feelings right now, so I will check back in a few hours.

So it has been more than a few hours, it is officially the Monday after, so ummm....

Now that I have had plenty of time to think about the past, I think I can properly reflect on it. When I think about, HS was pretty rough for me. If I learned any math, it would be that HS was 90% of a rough time and 10% of a nice time. I mean it was fun at times, but a lot of the times made me want to come home and lay on my bed and watch an ultimate Kim Kardashian vine compilation. See, that is what HS does to you, makes you watch KUWTK.

I think that the only thing I will miss is all the friends I made in HS, from the Freshman all the way to the Seniors who are now Seniors in college. There will never be a time where we will all see each other again doing the same thing again and it is very saddening.

It is the beauty of life for our time to be continuous. One day the friends who I considered close will become distant memories, but now I don't worry because if we were close once and we are meant to be friends, we will meet again. Maybe in a few years, I will be shopping at a grocery store and we will pass each other, maybe I will then look almost fifteen at that time, and we will have an 'OMG I HAVE NOT SEEN YOU SINCE HIGHSCHOOL!' moment.

It feels like that I am going back there in the fall like I have not graduated yet. I show up and am like 'Hey, I'm back, you thought you saw the last of me.' Lol, I am kidding, I am not going back. However, I do owe it to Highschool for helping me realize that the world is so much bigger than what I know. Also, that everyone has a story and there is always two perspectives to each. Another huge thank you to all my teachers (except my bio teacher, I still dislike you) and all the close friends I have made if they ever read this.

Lastly, a thank you to High School for keeping it real :D

Do you have any High School memories/thoughts you had after it finished?

Happy Tuesday ^_^

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