Tuesday, January 17, 2017

When Life Isn't Treating You Right...


I think it is normal to reach certain periods in life where you feel that everything is going south. From looks to school to jobs to just life in general, we can all feel discontent at where our lives are going. So here is some advice on how to handle that time in your life.

Show Your Emotions.

I think a lot of us tend to hold back our emotions when we are constantly busy and continuing on with life. Like now, we have to schedule in our sadness and anger, lol. However, whether alone or with a trusted person (whatever you are most comfortable with) show you emotions. Feel anger, feel sadness, feel everything you are holding back. It is okay and sometimes we need to yell and sob just to get over rough situations.

Write Your Emotions Down.

I think when we are raw with our emotions, writing down your feelings is a great source of inspiration take pieces from for better your life. Also, something to look back on when you are feeling better. A sense of something you overcame.

Take a Step Back and Reflect.

I think this a common piece of advice. But often times we are in our own world focusing on a micro point of view, we think it is the end of the world. However, when you think in a macro perspective, you will probably be like, "woah, this isn't as big as a problem as I made it out to be." Something I do on the daily.

Some People Won't Understand.

I like to sit back and reflect on my own, however, I know some people like to be around others. It is important to understand that some people won't understand 100% of your feelings and they might say things that you won't like to hear. Something to keep in mind, but maybe when it is the right time, advice from others can help you.

Realize What is in Your Control and What Isn't.

I think this is the most important bit of the post. We tend to focus on things we can't control when we should be focusing what we can. You can't control whether or not you get the job or get into the school you love. However, you can control the effort you put into your interviews and applications.You can't control people and their actions and attitudes, but you can control your actions and attitude.

There are always loopholes like plastic surgery, but you can't change your natural face. You can color/cut your hair, but you can't change that your hair will get longer and people will see your roots.

It Is Never Too Late To Take Control.

Sometimes when things get out of hand, you might want to give up or if you are running out of time, you might ask yourself, "what is the point?" However, those should never be options. You are in control of your life up-and-til you die. Like I said, there are things you can't control, things you can. Focus on what you can because you can.

Set Goals and Take One Step At A Time.

When getting out of your rut, set goals, but do so in steps. For example, let us say you are doing poorly in math. Instead of your goal being 'do better in math,' start small. Have a goal one week be study fifteen minutes every day for math or do your homework every day this week. Starting small, can add up very soon.

Maybe you need a refresh. Changing your space and even your hair is a great catalyst for starting a new chapter.


I think what it comes down to it the mind and how powerful it is. This was an interesting conversation I had with my roommate and it gave the idea for this post. If you think you are going to fail, you most likely will. If you think your life sucks, it probably will continue to.

I hope these tips were helpful! If you have any thoughts or other pieces of advice, tell me in the comments below.

Happy Tuesday ^_^

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