Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Laila Notes II.


It has been awhile since we last spoke, thus we have a bit of catching up to do. So sit back, relax, and get ready for another installment of Laila Notes. If you don't know what Laila Notes is, it was inspired by Grace Day's Grace Notes from her blog That Grace Girl.  It is basically a formal name given to a blog post where I am talking about a bunch of things.

New Blog Design.

Many of you might be wondering why I changed my blog design. It is mainly because I was told by some readers that my older design took too long to load which was due to the dense html/css code. Therefore I opted for a new and more simple design. I am feeling this black and white theme because it will really put the spotlight on my photos.

My Skin-Type Changed.

For the longest time, I went on about how my skin was a dry savannah, but now it has become more oily to combination skin. I have been wearing more makeup lately, more about that later, and I have definitely have seen a change switching over to base products geared to oily skin. My foundation is looking better and lasting longer, but I am getting a bit oily on my nose and the malar region of my face. Any recommendations?


Like I said before, I have started wearing makeup almost 5-7x a week. It is definitely a confidence booster for me, but more importantly, it has helped me to improve my makeup skills. I have a daily routine that excludes more dramatic makeup products and techniques which is nice to cut down time. It is also fun figuring out what works best with my skin and facial structure.


I have not been watch much TV lately, but I finished Always Sunny in Philly season 11 and am waiting for season 12 to come on Netflix/Hulu. Such a funny show, my favorite episode of the season was "Being Frank." Somedays we all feel like Frank. What is your favorite episode? Also, The Mindy Project is coming back on Valentine's Day (today). So I am about to be all over that.


Many of you know my love for Red Velvet, well, they just made a comeback with their new song "Rookie." I really like the song and the video. I really want to do a concept makeup look for the video like I did for "One of these Nights (7월 7일)" and "Russian Roulette." However, they really don't have a "point" makeup. I have in mind a "TT" makeup look, but I need to get my hands on a certain type of glitter. I have also been liking April's "April Story," the song goes well with the fast choreography. Seohyun released "Don't Say No," which really suited her voice and image. I am also very happy she took full control of her solo debut in regards to her concept and showcasing her self-composed songs.

Enough about Kpop, let us talk about the other songs on my playlist. I have rekindled my love of bands like Paramore, Boys Like Girls, P!ATD, and more. I also have been loving J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Blackbear, and more, but I can't remember at the top my head.

My Birthday. 

My birthday is coming and it seems like I really don't care. Moving on...

Trump's Immigration Ban.

So, I wanted to close this post on an important note. As many of you may know, Trump has already issued his travel ban which affects people coming from the countries of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. With this ban, the refugee program has been suspended and will not be letting in any refugees for the next four months (source). If you do not agree with the ban, please use your voice. If you have any spare money, please donate to the ACLU*. Their lawyers are working very hard to make sure people who need to be let in are let in. I donated money here. They currently have a lawsuit against Donald Trump and they need all the support they can get.

On that note, thank you for reading!

Also, happy Tuesday!

* correction on 02/14/17, I meant ACLU not ALCU.

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