Friday, May 26, 2017

5 Single Eyeshadows I Am Loving


I think I am addicted to buying single eyeshadows. It probably has to do with me not being able to commit to using large palettes in their entirety, which make me guilty considering I just keep buying more palettes.

I have, however, found a love for single eyeshadows because they allow me to really pick and choose what is best for me, instead of committing to big palettes.

Today, I thought I would share five single eyeshadows I am addicted to atm.

I got this in my Limited Edition Allure Beauty Box, read about that here, where the beauty editors at Allure praised it for its multiple uses. I would describe this shadow as a dark charcoal black with very small iridescent shimmer. I really love using this shadow to smoke out my eyeliner because it is very smooth/blendable and also buildable, which is something I look for in very dark eyeshadows. 

This is such a pretty color. On the website, it looks pinker/rose gold, but in person, it is definitely more tan/taupe with a warm shimmer and reflects a cool metallic finish. I really like this as an all over lid color, perfect for summer.

I am pleasantly surprised with these H&M shadows, very nice quality. I have three more in my stash that I need to test, so expect a post about all of those soon.

If you have been reading my posts for a while you know that I have not been able to shut up about the Colourpop x Jenn Im "Jenn Ne Sais Quoi" Collection, read about that here. Sadly, it is not available anymore, but Colourpop still does relaunches. 

I love the entire quad, but I have been using Deux for awhile, exclusively. It is a very nice tan/bronze color, that I think can work on tan girls (up to NC42) as an over lid color or a crease color. It is very pretty and buildable.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Midnight Cowboy
This is a shimmery sand/champagne color with glitters. I was really excited for this shadow because I have not used an eyeshadow with glitters in a long time. My eyes are naturally huge, so applying too much glitter makes my eyes 2x bigger. What I like to do is apply this lightly all over the lid and bottom lash line and finish off with mascara. A cute look that is not too overpowering. 

The best way I can describe the color is a pearl with a warm undertone, almost yellow. I am cheating a little because this is technically not a single eyeshadow, but I like using it as an inner eye corner highlight.  It gives a nice glow that enhances an eye look, rather than taking attention away from a look. I try not to apply too much because then that will be too light, but it looks very pretty and effortless. 


(From left to right) NARS' Sycorax, H&M's Mojave, Colourpop's Deux, Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy, and MAC's Pearl.

What are your favorite single eyeshadows?

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