Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Current MAC Lipstick Collection

Current MAC Liptick Collection

Yoohoo! I have returned. To save you from the typical "I am happy I am back. I missed blogging. I will do better in the future" speech, let's jump right into the post.

I decided a nice way to flow back into blogging was to highlight my current MAC lipstick collection. I currently have four lipsticks to share, many of which are MAC classics, as well as a MAC Matte Retro Liquid Lipstick. 

The first MAC lipstick I have ever purchased was Velvet Teddy (Matte). If you are a girl on the tanner side, I highly recommend this. It is hands-down my go-to nude lipstick that fits my skin tone perfectly.

Next, I have Dubonnet (Amplified). It is a creamy red with a brown undertone. At the time, I wanted to purchase RiRi Red from the Viva Glam collection, but I am not the biggest fan of matte lipsticks due to my chronic dry lips, however, this was a very similar alternative without having to deal with the dryness.

Current MAC Liptick Collection

Two MAC classics I own are Rebel (Satin) and Ruby Woo (Matte). At first glance, Rebel looks like a plum, however, it can be sheared down to a more magenta color. I adore Rebel and I honestly think anyone can wear this color because it is very unique with its blue/red undertone that can suit any skin. Ruby Woo is a matte red everyone should have in their collection. It is quite popular because of the blue undertone that makes your teeth look whiter. 

Finally, I have a MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip in Dance with Me. It is similar to Ruby Woo due to its blue undertone, however, it is a red that dips into a magenta color. I think If you mixed Ruby Woo and Rebel, then amplified/saturated the color, it would be Dance with Me. Mentioned here.

What are your favorite MAC lipstick shades?

Happy Tuesday ^_^

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