Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May Goals


Hello everyone! Since I am off for the next four months, I thought it was time for me to set goals for myself. Last month's goals, link here, did not go very well because I was extremely busy due to finals and school activities. 

If you did not know, I applied for an internship at a PR company in my city for the summer. However, it is very unlikely for college freshman becoming sophomores to get one. I was never contacted by the company, but my friend who is a year older than me, got an internship there, so I am assuming I did not get it (I am still going to email them!). On the bright side, I told myself if I did not get it, I would focus 110% on my blog to make it better. 


- Manage my time, create a schedule

- Memorize the AP Style writing book

- Get a new bullet journal

- Start a monthly newsletter

- Create a social media schedule

- Create a media kit

- Read more books

What are your goals for May?

Happy Wednesday ^_^

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