Tuesday, May 9, 2017

My Current Beauty Wishlist

Current Beauty WishlistMy Current Beauty Wishlist_TP

If you have ever seen me lurking in the comment section of any blog, then you might have witnessed me, in the comments, say, "OMG, I want that!" or "I am adding that to my wishlist." However, this wishlist cannot be found anywhere. It is as if I am adding beauty products to an endless void. Recently, I have been utilising my MAKEUP // Products Board on Pinterest, which has a large array of makeup products I am interested. Today, I thought I would share a few. 

As many of you may know, Pixi skincare is the craze in the UK, and I have seen that obsession slowly trickle down into the USA. Many people are aware of the Glow Tonic that has been tried by everyone and their dogs, except me. How people describe it reminds me of the Etude House Skin Mal:gem Smoother, reviewed here, that I was obsessed with when I started TP.

Speaking of skincare, Caroline Hirons collaborated with Pixi to create the Pixi Cleansing Duo, containing a cleansing balm and cleansing cream. I am a stickler when it comes to double cleansing, so buying this sounds like a smart decision. Did I mention, I TRUST Caroline Hirons...no, well I got to put that out there.

I have been using drugstore foundations for the past 8-months because it is the most affordable option for a college student like myself, but being home makes me want to throw all my money at high-end foundations. I have been eyeing the NARS Sheer Glow because no one can really put their finger on what it is. Like, I have heard it has sheer coverage, I have heard it has full coverage, I have heard that it is a satin finish, I have heard it is a dewy finish. WHAT IS IT?

Lol, on a more calm note, I have to say my favorite luxury beauty brand is YSL. I am obsessed with their packaging and lipsticks. Recently, I have been interested in their foundations. Particularly, the Youth Liberator Serum. When I hear serum foundation, I think of Girls' Generation, and they have gorgeous, dewy skin.

Since we are on the subject of Korea, I have been dying to try the Etude House Face Blur Primer* (not pictured above, but in the hidden image if you decide to pin it :D) because the spokesmodel is Krystal Jung of F(x). She also has phenomenal skin. I bet she did not even use it the advertisement, but I still want to try it.

Finally, I have never tried any Charlotte Tilbury products, but I have heard great things in regard to their lip products. However, my eye is on the Filmstar Bronze and Glow. Like Caroline Hirons, I feel as if I can trust CT (her street name) with my makeup. The brand also gives me serious YSL vibes, but with a rose gold look. I also appreciate that she created two different palettes in regard to other skin colors. It just looks bomb!

What is on your beauty wishlist?

Before we bounce, I want to make a few announcements...
First, I will try to post 5x this week (tues-sat), it is one of my goals.
Second, I am creating a monthly newsletter for TP. Anyone who followed TP through email is automatically signed up. So look out for that.
Third, if you have any recommendations to make TP better, let me know below!
Fourth, thanks for reading ^_^

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