Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Its been a minute...


Hello everyone! It has been a hot minute since I posted something on this blog.

I said I would write an update around the end of September/beginning of December, but that did not happen. So, it has been approximately five months since I last spoke to everyone. Yeah, um, thats pretty bad, however, I had an excuse, I was busy with school, so you can't be that mad at me. ... right?

Anyways, I am here to update everyone on what is happening in my life, so, first things first, I am not dead.

Next, I have finished my third semester of college and I am pretty pleased with how everything is going. I am very happy with my major and I have absolutely no regrets.

I think that is literally it. I am still doing all the things I said I was doing in my previous post.

Five months seems like a long time, but it really wasn't because I was so busy.

Side note: my makeup collection has multiplied by three-fold, so expect a ton of product reviews coming soon.

I think I am too excited to get back into blogging, that I just want to get this update post done and over with, lol.

Happy Wednesday!

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