Friday, January 5, 2018

My Favorite Instagram Looks


If you have been an avid reader on TP, you would know when decided to go on hiatus a five months ago, I focused a chunk of my attention on growing my Instagram (@laila.riaz).

In the five months, I was able to slightly grow it but I am still struggling to hit a 1,000 followers which is now my goal for 2018.

Some of you might be asking, "Laila, why is it taking so long to grow your Instagram?" The answer is I don't know. There are many different reasons, but you can help me fix that by following me here!

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This is definitely one of my top looks of all time!

I have been very weary of doing dark smokey eyes for sometimes because I feel that makeup style does not really suit my eye shape. But I did this looks fully with the help of Desi Perkin's video here. She goes in depth on how to do a flattering smokey eye and honestly, her explanation was very detailed so I am pretty sure anyone can do it. ... even babies!

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When I was picking dorm rooms, I wanted one that was nice (=new) and had a view of the sunset. One day, when I was not lazy, I did my makeup and I also woke up early enough to get stuff done so I came back to my dorm just in time to take photos at golden hour.

I was really content at this time because I had hardly any work to do. ... lmao.

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Literally, the story behind of this look is that when I saw the ABH Subculture Palette, I was like, "oooo, I want to use that color electric on the inner corner of my eye."

I ended up buying the palette and recreating my vision. Dreams do come true ladies!

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This look came out so well that I was shook when I was going through the photos. I was heavily inspired by Red Velvet's song "Peak-A-Boo." Also by, SUPRISE SUPRISE, Desi Perkins. This look was a recreation of her Dose of Colors x Desi Perkins x Katy (Lustrelux) collaboration here.

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Another look that I dreamed about! I used Edge and Mercury from the ABH Subculture Palette. I thought it was a nice combination and somewhat retro. Also, I got a bit risky by putting Edge on my waterline, so look who is on the up and up. 

It was nice to look back and see what makeup looks I did during my third semester of college. If any of you guys have any questions or what me to do a post on how I edit my photos, let me know in the comments below. 

What are your favorite makeup accounts on Instagram?


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