Thursday, May 21, 2020

How to start a blog...from someone who kinda failed (lol) | 'CUTE, KIND OF' EPISODE #20

Hello friends~ Welcome back to another episode of 'Cute, Kind Of'! Today, we are celebrating CKO's first birthday and you guys were going to be invited to the huge birthday party, but then miss rona came :(

With that being said, today I wanted to reflect on eight years of beauty blogging. Like I said in the episode — by the title of it, you can probably tell that this seems very um...sad? Is that the right word? But trust me when I say that it is the opposite as I go into depth why I felt like a failure but in reality, running the blog for almost a decade was one of the best things I could have done for myself.

All in all, I hope if you or someone you know is on the fence on whether or not to start a blog, Instagram, YouTube, etc., this will be the encouragement you need to do so. Also, hopefully, the tips and advice I give are beneficial in creating long-term skills and development.

With that being said, early Eid Mubarak to you, your family and friends! Just like last week's episode, I will be linking charities below to donate to or share, if you can.

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Drugstore Makeup Products I Recommend | 'CUTE, KIND OF' EPISODE #19

Hello! Welcome back to 'Cute, Kind Of' :) I am going to cut to the chase and say it is 1:37 a.m. and I am tired BUT I still wanted to get this episode out for y'all, so I hope you enjoy. I share my drugstore makeup product recommendations and charities you can donate to in honor of Ramadan!


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Thursday, May 7, 2020

An interview with Reem | 'CUTE, KIND OF' EPISODE #18

Hello everyone~ welcome back to another episode of Cute, Kind Of. First off, I am sorry about not posting an episode last week (and not telling anyone...). I was having some technical difficulties due to the nature of this episode, which brings me to the topic of today's podcast: an interview with my friend Reem. It was very cute and wholesome as we discuss her beauty routine, career and just life.

I hope you enjoy! And again, sorry about not posting last week.

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Happy Thursday~

Thursday, April 23, 2020

10 Makeup Products I Recommend to my friends | 'CUTE, KIND OF' EPISODE #17

Hello friends~ welcome back to the blog! In today's episode of Cute, Kind Of, I will be giving y'all my top 10 makeup recommendations. I am super excited about this episode because if there is anything I can talk about for hours, it is makeup.

However, there is an important note, which is that all but one of these products is high-end makeup products. But do not fret, I will be doing an episode of my favorite drugstore beauty products so look out for that.

If you have a moment, please subscribe and review Cute, Kind Of on Apple Podcasts. I would really appreciate it as it will help me make the show better and give way for the opportunity for it to be seen by others.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy the episode~

*Affiliate Links

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Why your face is breaking out during quarantine + Quarantine guide | 'CUTE, KIND OF' EPISODE #16

Hello everyone! I have a very fun episode planned for y'all today. I will be discussing the ~Q U A R A N T I N E~ in the latest episode of "Cute, Kind Of". I answer the question of "Why your face is breaking out during quarantine?" I will also be talking about face masks: what works and what does not. Then finally, I am giving you ideas on what to do while at home.

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

DevaCurl Hair Loss + Maria B. Sends Infected Cook Back Home | 'CUTE, KIND OF' EPISODE #15

Welcome back friends~ After a week of hiatus, I have returned with a new episode! In this episode, we will be discussing Maria B. sending infected cook back to his village and DevaCurl products causing hair loss for their customers.

Before getting with links and such, I talk about Charity Organization Donate Beauty. They are currently collecting beauty products to give to frontline healthcare workers. Please check them out!

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

#100daymakeupchallenge + Other Things | 'Cute, Kind Of' episode #14

Hello everyone, I hope y'all are safe and well. In today's podcast episode, I spend the majority of the time talking about my looks from the #100daymakeupchallenge I am doing. However, I do still cover the usual stuff like news and articles.

If you want to see my new looks every day, please feel free to follow my Twitter and Instagram. We can become friends :) 


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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Sephora and Ulta closing retail stores + Met Gala postponed | 'Cute, Kind Of' episode #13

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Cute, Kind Of — formerly known as Townhouse Palette. We had a lot of good content today, mostly articles. However, I was able to do a '5 things' (actually a 4 things lol) where I talk about five products, either a review or just thoughts.

Also, I decided this on a whim yesterday but I am doing the #100daysmakeupchallenge over on my Instagram and Twitter. I am very excited about it and hope you enjoy the content.


Thursday, March 12, 2020

Alexa Demie for Mac Cosmetics + Fenty Beauty's TikTok House | 'Cute, Kind Of' episode #12

Good morning friends, welcome to the first blog post for Cute, Kind Of. I will be posting my show notes and any extra links for Thursday's episode of Cute, Kind Of from here on out. Also, if you do not have access to any podcast platforms, I will post an embed that will allow you to listen to the newest episode. I talked about a lot in this episode, so a ton of links for y'all. 

This post got very link heavy so please let me know if you like how the post is organized or if you will like me to try something different. 


At the beginning of the episode, I gave shout-outs to my friends Reem and Lily because they left me reviews on Apple Podcasts!
  • Lily's YouTube channel (link) and her lastest videos called What's on my iPad Pro (link)
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