Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Earning Your Wings

Applying winged eyeliner has to be one of the hardest makeup techniques known to man. Some people can apply eyeliner in one swipe, while others have to dedicate more than five minutes to achieve their perfect cat-eye. No matter the situation, I will be giving you # tips to achieve fool-proof wings.

Eyelid Care | If you consistently rub your eyes or are just aging: you would have noticed that your eyelids are loosing their firmness. When you have pliable eyelids, applying eyeliner is very hard because you eyeliner ends up dragging the skin on your eyelid. The solution? Purchase a firming eye cream or serum to return your eyes to it's original elasticity. 

Don't Go Against Your Lid, Go With It |  Everyone's skin is different having; it's own prints and patterns. I find that both my eyes need to have their eyeliner applied in different directions. For my left eye, I start at the center of the lid and extend the liner to the outer corner. For my right, I do the opposite, starting from the outer corner to the center of the lid. 

Hide Your Mistakes | Whenever I made an eyeliner mistake, I would wet a cotton swab and remove my mistake on my eyelid. After making one too many mistakes, I would achieve a first class panda eye. Now with a little concealer and a itty-bitty concealer brush, I can sharpen my lines, and hide any unruly mistakes. To blend in the streaks, I use my damp beauty sponge.

Tape | You have probably heard of this, but putting tape on your outer corner helps create a sharp line. Just be careful with tape because the adhesive can pull on your very delicate skin. I think I learned this tip from Michelle Phan ^_^

Brushes | One of the most important tips I can give you on applying eyeliner is using an eyeliner brush. They are a lot more precise than using the actual tip of the pencil. Two of the most common are the angled eyeliner brush and a precision eyeliner brush. Smaller the better.

When In Doubt, Smudge It Out | Sometimes when I get very lazy and have made a eyeliner mistake, I use a black eyeshadow to smudge out the line to make it more presentable. I use a small, dense eyeshadow/pencil brush like the one sitting by the Naked Basic's Crave (which is my go to eyeshadow ).

Mascaras Got Your Back | Like I said before about removing mistakes with a cotton swab. I was so obsessed with having perfectly twin-like cat-liner, but the truth is no one will notice. No one will notice because your eyelashes will get all the attention. Think of it like your eyelashes are the melody and your eyeliner is the harmony.

Practice.Practice.Practice! | You can't do perfect wings on the first try, they take time and practice. I know you probably hear this over and over again, but it is true. When ever you have free time and have no plans for later, try it.

Remember short strokes and patience. I hope these tips helped you become better at eyeliner. I believe in you ^_^

Thanks for reading-XOXO

What are your eyeliner tips and tricks?
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