Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sephora Skincare


Usually when I see store branded items, I have this natural tendency to buy the original because I think the store brand is trying to trick me with their lower prices. Lol...but when I see significant price differences, I tend to want to get the cheaper items to see if it is a proper dupe. When I was cruising around Sephora looking for something to buy, I starting taking an interest in their skincare line.


I have been using the waterproof eye makeup remover for a very long time. I originally used the travel size version and had to go back to the original because it does a really good job at soaking off all my eye makeup, especially my mascara. I like to use the cleansing wipes when I am too tired to use an oil cleanser and they are really nice on my skin: not too harsh and well saturated. Next is my oil-serum. To keep it simple, it is an oil that helps moisturize and reduce scars on the skin. It is a great price and something I will definitely repurchase.

Overall, I really recommend Sephora's skincare line and will definitely be trying their products in the future. If only I could give Target a

Thanks for reading-XOXO

What are your favorite Sephora branded items?
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