Monday, December 21, 2015

Limited Edition Allure Beauty Box | 12 days till '16


I am not a huge fan of beauty boxes because they tend to lure you in with the one or two full sized products and then add a bunch of samples. However, when I heard about the Limited Edition Allure Beauty Box, I knew I could not pass it up.

For $45 dollars, you get the best beauty products 2015. You get five popular full-sized products and two sample products. I was really excited to try all the products because everything was new to me, but I heard great things about.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Black Friday Haul



I am not a very big fan of Black Friday. The thought of waking up early after eating a 25 course meal, only to be fighting over 5 for $25 underwear with some middle aged woman, is not very thrilling. However, for introverts like me, online shopping is the way to go. Of course I have to leave the house to hit up those pre-sales and scavenge the left-overs after D-Day.
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