Friday, February 12, 2016

Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack


Surprise! I have another product review this week! I wanted to talk about another Korean beauty product that I have been loving called the Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack. This one in particular is pretty significant because it was one of the first K-beauty products I have ever laid eyes on when I started to become interested in them. I spotted this on Pretty and Cute, and told myself I will try this one day! I guess small dreams do come true ^_^

To make it quick I am pretty pleased with it, however, I do have a few suggestions on how to use it and what skin it will work best on.

I bought mine on Amazon (of course!) and it cost about $10.00 through Prime (link here). It comes with 120 mL of product, and if you don't know how much that is, that is an great amount for the price. The tube is quite large and comes filled. Of course, for sanitary purposes, there is a tin-foil peel that needs to be removed to get to the product.



The product itself is a nice periwinkle-baby blue gel that has a light consistency. The product itself applies smoothly and gets lighter with each stroke. As its being applied, small water droplets start to form, which is pretty cool and unique!



To finish off, I wanted to talk about performance and recommendations. When I first started using this product, the weather where I lived was around the forties-sixties (degrees Fahrenheit), and even seventies if we were lucky. At the time it worked perfectly! I would wake up with nicely moisturized, supple skin. As the temperature began to drop, my dry skin needed more than this and my Sephora Serum. Which was a letdown considering I loved this! What I am trying to say is....
  • Oily Skin would love this all year around!
  • This would work very well for dry skin in warmer months of the year!
Overall, I think this a great starter Sleeping Pack unlike any others on the market. However, keep in mind the skin-type and the time of the year. So I guess I can say I recommend it, but if you have a certain skincare issue/have a question, leave it below so I can answer it ^_^
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