Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Why I am switching from an Erin Condren Planner to a Bullet Journal.


If you remember back at the beginning of last August, I mentioned I had purchased an Erin Condren Planner. At the time, THEY WERE HUGE (in popularity)! I felt like anyone who was motivated and organized had them. The planners are structured unlike any other planner I have ever seen with its unique vertical columns. 

One thing that really lured me into buying one was the huge EC planning community. Major YouTube EC planner users showed how they decorated their spreads with custom EC stickers bought from Etsy. If you were a passionate planner, you could apply themes to each week with the many designs found on Etsy.  

It was fun and sparkly at the beginning, but it soon turned a bit dull.

Major YouTube EC planner users had weekly spreads that were filled and decorated corner to corner. It gave me an illusion of organization for someone like me, unorganized + procrastinator, who wanted to accomplish more. I bought one and began combing through Etsy finding low priced stickers and binge watching planner videos. 

I decided to switch to over to the bullet journal for a few reasons that I thought I would share. 

The Erin Condren is Expensive. Minus the stickers, the EC is a whopping $50.00 for a year worth of planning. Which is a lot more than using a bullet journal which you can make with just any notebook!

Piggybacking off of that concept. Stickers are even more expensive than the planner itself. It stinks because it is really not much of the sellers fault, blame economics. Many of the custom EC stickers are sold by independent sellers who develop, print, and cut their stickers in their homes. In order to print quality stickers and deal with the HUGE demand increase for planner stickers, prices go up drastically.


One thing most EC planner users say is to buy the monthly kits which can run from $15-$25+. However, most of the major YouTube EC planner channels who say this use these kits in one spread. Meaning he or she use one monthly kit in one week's spread. So if you do the math....let's say that the monthly kit is $20 if you want to use it for all four weeks, that will be $20 x 4 = $80!!!

Also, creativity is limited when you have little money and don't really know what you With that being said, you don't have to buy stickers to use the planner, but I bought the planner to use the stickers...bad

So now, your girl is switching has switched over to a bullet journal and to be very honest, it is the best planner for me. All you need is a notebook and a pen. You can decorate and organize it just the way you want using just a pen. The best part that if I mess up, all I have to do is turn to the next page. It is 100% customizable to one's taste and needs. The best part is the thousands of picture and text references to help one get started with bullet journalism on Pinterest and Tumblr.

I am really not trying to diss any EC planner users and sticker/shop owners. It is just a post for people who want an alternative to the EC or just want to try something else. If you bullet journal or use the EC show me a picture of your spreads in the comments below. Also, if you have tried both or one, tell me your opinions in the comments below. Also, if you want me to update you on

Happy Tuesday ^_^

P.S- Three posts a week starting next week!
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