Friday, March 17, 2017

8-Month Bullet Journal Update


No one asked, but here I am to give my 8-Month Bullet Journal Update. I have written a bit about bullet journaling in the past, like here and here. However, since we all know I don't go through with things, you all will be pleased to know that writing in and using my Bullet Journal has become a habit. I thought I would share what a typical spread looks like for me.

I start each month by creating a monthly calendar and writing in all my school-related assignments and activities. Everything has a distinct color, so it clicks into my mind what class it is for without having to write the name of the class.


For weekly spreads, I have a small run-down of the week including everything that is written in my monthly calendar and some extra bits that were added in. I always write the week number, only because I am in school and then it is easier to keep track of my assignments that way. I might have a quote, maybe, depending on the week. For my to-do lists, I write the day of the week the day of. I used to write all the days prior and then give each of them sufficient space, but I would always end up needing either more space or not using all of it. 

Some other pages I have includes...
  • Calligraphy practice 
  • Math (for classes, not for fun)
  • Quotes
  • Movies to watch
  • Books to watch
  • TV shows to watch
  • Blog post ideas
  • Photo assignments 
  • Blog post pages: where I write out ideas more thoroughly with details

I think the aspect I have enjoyed most about bullet journaling has to be the creative element. I really enjoy drawing, writing, and just creating my own personal pages. I never bound to the same lined pages and design like EVERY other planner out there. I have to say I love it and will continue using it in the future. Do you use a bullet journal? Do you like it? What kind of planner do you use?

Also, if you fancy another read, Sally from The Makeup Directory wrote "A Month of Bullet Journaling." 

Happy Friday ^_^
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