Friday, March 31, 2017

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

It has been a hot minute since I last sat down and wrote a makeup post (well... just a "post" that is). I decided to do a formal review on the L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation*. I mentioned the foundation in my 2017 February Favorites post. It has been my go-to foundation since I went through a skin-type change earlier this year. 

Where did I buy it?

I purchased the foundation for the first time at CVS a month ago. I do not remember how much I bought it for, but I went back a few days ago and saw it was $12.99. I am signed up for their CVS rewards program, so I probably did save some money when I bought it the first time. However, when I went to purchase another tube in a lighter color, I did not want to pay the full price. So instead I purchased it on Amazon*. It was $10.79, but Amazon gave me a $2.00 off coupon making it $8.79, then with tax, it was a total of $9.41. 

I bought my first tube in the shade 108 or Caramel Beige (Beige Caramel) which is my spring/summer/autumn color, which probably most similar to my MAC shade of NC42. I later bought the a lighter shade in 106 or Sun Beige (Beige Soleil) to mix in with 108 to get the perfect color. Well, the most similar color because brown people can never find their perfect match.


How do I apply it?

Applying any foundation is tricky because I need time for my foundation to "set." Which is just for it to melt down with the heat from my skin. So when I first apply it, I can see some patchy-ness around my cheek area and it does not look as I would want it to. I also add concealer, powder, and maybe do some light shading around the outer perimeter of my face. Then I finish with the Elf Facial Mist*, which really helps with the foundation have a natural finish. After about thirty minutes, the foundation melts into my skin and looks very good.

I stick to doing 1-2 layers of this foundation. One layer all over the face, and another on any noticeable hyperpigmentation. I have not tried going in with 3+ layers because I just have not, but even at two, I see the foundation settle into my smile lines. Also, with two layers, all my hyperpigmentation isn't fully covered. Which is when I go in with my Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC42 and cover any left over spots. However, for an everyday look, I don't mind if a few spots show through the foundation.


How is the finish?

Finish-wise, the foundation has a very nice natural look. It is not completely matte, but it is not unusually dewy. The foundation describes itself as having a satin finish, which is everything I just described.

How long does it last?

Now the moment you all have been waiting for...does it last 24 hours? Before that, let's talk about when I put it on. I start to apply my makeup around 9:40 AM and finish by 10:10 AM, then Irun to my class because I am late for everything and anything. When the photo above was taken, it was around 4:30 PM (16:30).

I wear the foundation all day, and when I say all day, I mean ALL DAY! I do not shower till about 11:00 PM (23:00) to 2:00 AM. So that is around 14 HOURS! To cut the chase, no it does not. However, it lasts a realistic 10-12 hours. After the ten hour mark when I start to become a hot mess, the foundation begins to fade. Which is due to the fact I don't drink enough water throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated, so my skin sucks the water out of the foundation. I also have an issue with my nose becoming very oily and the area under the eyes, besides the nose, and before the cheeks tend to become somewhat oily as well, so that needs to be touched up at some point in the day. However, this foundation lasts, while still looking very good, unlike any other foundation I have ever tried.

Which brings me to the question of...who wears foundation for 24 hours? Like, I have never met someone who does. I mean if you are sleeping over your friend's house and you want your makeup to last till the next day, I get that. However, who wears it consistently for a full-day? I am honestly curious, no judgment, this blog is a judge-free zone.

Would you recommend it?

Yes, I would! It is actually quite a lovely foundation from the drugstore and if you utilize coupons and in-store reward programs, you can get it for a steal. This formula is suited towards people with oily-skin. I know the L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation* is geared towards people with dry skin, but I have yet to try it.

Well, that is it. Tell me in the comments below if you have tried this foundation and if you like it. Also, you might have noticed the * next to the links in this post and the little widget at the end of this post, which are affiliate links to Which mean if you click on a link, buy the product through that link, I make a bit of money off of that as commission. Just something to keep in mind :)

Other than that, have a fun weekend ^_^

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