Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette


The Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette caused quite a commotion when it was first released last year.

A lot of people did not like the formulation of the eyeshadows because of kickback and kickback means you will have a lot of wasted product.

Other problems include the shadows oxidizing and difficulty blending.

I am going to address each of the concerns individually because I think that is the best way to review this palette.

Before I jump into my opinions about this product, I am going to drop some retail information.

This palette comes with 14 eyeshadows: one holographic, two shimmers, and 11 mattes. It also comes with a dual-ended brush: one side is for blending and the other is for application.

It retails for $42.00, however, since this palette is not doing so hot, you can get a really good deal on it.



  • Cube (duo chrome) - holographic white to magenta. The ABH website describes it as a "duo chrome pink pearl."
  • Roxy (ultra-matte) - terracotta that leans more on the pink side, ultimately coral. The ABH website describes it as a "ultra matte muted coral."
  • Dawn (ultra-matte) - sand colored. ABH describes the color the same way.
  • Electric (duo chrome) - bright lime green and gold two-tone metallic eyeshadow. The ABH website describes it as a "duo chrome lime-gold."
  • Destiny (ultra-matte) - deep army/earth green. The ABH website describes it as a "ultra-matte sage green."
  • Fudge (ultra-matte) - warm chocolate brown. The ABH website describes it as a "ultra-matte warm bronze."
  • Adorn (duo chrome) - deep bronze-gold metallic. The ABH website describes it as a "metallic bronze."
  • New Wave (ultra-matte) - muted orange. The ABH website describes it as a "ultra-matte citron orange."
  • All Star (ultra-matte) - medium plum. The ABH website describes it as a "ultra-matte vintage wine."
  • Untamed (ultra-matte) - similar to destiny but has blue tones. The ABH website describes it as a "ultra-matte tarnished green."
  • Mercury (ultra-matte) - A gray that has some warm elements. The ABH website describes it as a "ultra-matte slate grey."
  • Edge (ultra-matte) - muted yellow. The ABH website describes it as a "ultra-matte gold mustard."
  • Axis (ultra-matte) - deep teal. The ABH website describes it as a "ultra-matte blue-green."
  • Rowdy (ultra-matte) - deep violet, warm toned. The ABH website describes it as a "ultra-matte blackened purple."


This palette is definitely not for people who are light handed when they do their makeup. Since I am, I really enjoy this palette.

If you are going into this palette using a heavy hand, kickback is almost certain. I tend to tap the shadows once or twice with my brush to get the desired color.

Shadows Oxidizing

from what I have seen some colors apply darker and more vibrant, while other colors apply lighter. Oxidization only applies to the ultra-matte shadows.

I have found Roxy applies much brighter that how it looks. While colors like All Star, Untamed, and Mercury apply slightly lighter than what it is in the pan. 


This is the biggest problem I encountered with this palette and I have found using the brush the palette comes with is very handy for the shadow formulas.

I like to use the shading brush to apply opaque color where I want it on the eye. Then then taping the blending brush into the same color and applying it to the area that needs to blended.

Over blending will cause the shadows to crease.


Honestly, I can totally understand why some people hate this palette and would not recommend it.

However, since I really like the colors I went ahead a learned how to use this palette and it was not much of an issue because I am already light handed when it comes to applying makeup.

I really like the palette and I would repurchase. With that being said, I would definitely suggest trying this palette form a store with a forgiving return policy.

On a side note, my Instagram is not loading on both the app and desktop. So that is why I have been MIA on it for the past few days.

Also, I moved back to school last week which would explain the lack of blogposts last week. I think I will start posting every Wednesday and Friday.

Happy Wednesday!

I really want to know everyone's opinion on this palette, whether or not you have tried it.

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